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  1. For the "oldschoo fans", here is a list of the most used "Top Secret Beats" by Josh over time, if you know any beat that is not on this list, comment.
    NecKclippa- Uprising.
    NecKclippa-Talkin with the gods.
    NecKclippa- Untitled Beat.
    NecKclippa- DeepBreaths.
    NecKclippa- Skyline.
    NecKclippa- Nature.
    NecKclippa- Walking in the Rain.
    NecKclippa- Escape from Society
    Necklclippa- Days of Rain.

    Josh, do you want to help?

  2. Im pretty sure you said "oh wee" after the first combo. I have failed many times by miss placing the lighter between the dab and bong hit. Great job and I hope the positive arrows fill your quill…

  3. Where the hell are most of his videos???? I remember he had a real nice video about a fruit bong…and most of his fun, chill, stoner videos ? He said he had 700 videos…and now all i see is around 50 Why doesn't he reupload them???/WTF! We are losing so much content this way… i wanted to rewatch some of his old vids….. saaaaaad…..JOHN PLEASE REUPLOAD THEM PLEASE! :(((

  4. "nice little hit there" 😂💪👍🤟💨💨💨💨 I have been a follower for a long time on multiple different YouTube pages of my own.(I keep losing my account passwords) I still can't figure out just how big your lungs are. 😂

  5. Josh you could or maybe wanted to like do a 3 sponsor videos a month if that’s enough for you to pay your bills because I’m not aware of how much they pay but then after those sponsor videos then do videos the you want to do because as a long time viewer of the channel I enjoy your content very much but just stay happy stay high and keep your head up and keep videos coming out that you enjoy

  6. I feel so lost, since the whole bullshit with youtube taking the original videos down i havnt kept track or heard of u even tho i do have ur bong. im so happy i found ur chanle again was one of the first b4 u started getting sponsored. you literally made me the stoner i am today thx josh. (are u on the weed tube yet?) (JUST REALIZED THIS WAS THE 420 COMMENT XD)

  7. Dude you have a fresh ass shirt on! Better than any Gucci I been seeing, dude I also miss the Bieber hair! Haha all love Josh Been a viewer across different channels showing my support! 5 years strong!

  8. And I'm back too ya Josh. I was def worried, I've noticed ive stopped getting videos from you. Just so happens I've thinking bout u and ya channel. Peace be ✌🏽and love all I've missed ya ramblings and knowledgeable facts

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