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  1. Hey Matt, you should do a review for the Arizer XQ2 if you could, my friend that would be dope I’m thinking about getting this one and I think a lot of people probably wonder how it stacks up to the volcano. Stay budded homie.

  2. Great review! Arizer is a great budget friendly choice. I have an EQ, the desktop vape which now theres a newer version the XQ2. Havnt had any problems with it. Keep up the great work!

  3. I had one of their products that I had to put a warranty claim on, the only problem is you have to ship it back to Canada. Sorry but I’m not looking to goto jail. Getting a replacement for Christmas. I highly recommend this manufacturer.

  4. I just got into vaping mostly inspired by your playlist and got the POTV Lobo. It supposed to be a better version of the POTV One but having nothing to compare to. Are you gonna get it? they have a bundle on sale atm. That comes with an extra bubbler, four extra dosing pods, cleaning brush, stirrer, a dab pad, charger, and then an extra $15 gift card for later use for $180. They also have 100 day return policy for any reason for the lobo. So i grabbed it instead of the one and so far loving it. Imma be using the gift card to grab the water attachment for by bong with the gift card. I also broke my curved bubbler the next day emailed them and there is a replacement on it way in Reno, NV atm for no extra chrage for replacing. They definitely made a long time customer out of me. Also emailed them for any tricks they have that isn’t on the website and now know the dynovape water pipe works in theres and any 12mm od chillum fits too.🤫

  5. This Vape is not for me but it is a good one if someone is thinking about Vaping. Depends on y u r Vaping . If your vaping to get higher then yep cool. If your Vaping to give up smoking then you will need more then this . But it’s a start to moving forward with giving up smoking or combustion is a good thing . Good luck

  6. I have an Arizer Solo II and while it isn’t as nice as that newer one it’s still a pretty good vape! I don’t have the bong stem however, I should look into it as I think it would be a perfect accessory for my ever growing smoke toolkit. I even have an extra bong without any fancy attachment to it yet, ready to take on the role of the vape bong

  7. Watched your Monsanto video, and your industry waste video. Great solid ideas for fixing issues and explaining the possible effects of Monsanto gaining a foothold in the industry… you should definitely try and figure out how to get yourself into the politics of lobbying in the courts. Someone needs to stand for the people, and safety for everyone.

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