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  1. Colombian Gold in 1978 and 1979 was in a class of it's own. In my opinion and experience, nothing compares to it. I smoked over 700+ different strains since then. (yes I have a log). None of those new "food names" strains come close, even the 30%+ THC ones. The Colombian Gold had a peppery smell and taste, the buds were elongated, fluffy and ugly. Full of seeds (that I should have kept). The high started with a scary lung expension for about a minute. Once over that scary hump, your eyelids became heavy as two bricks hanging. The strobe effect kicked in after about 10min, slowing down your vision alertness. Eyes were red as a blood bath. Lasted 1 1/2 to 2 hours. The comedown was slow and comfortable as your body relaxed and your mind was in a state of calmness and heaven. One joint for three intermidiate smokers did the job. Now tell me if THC is important or not? Is bag appeal important? How about smell and taste and all that snobby afficionado crap of nowadays? It makes me laugh when I hear those self proclaimed pseudo-experts, lolll thinking they've seen it all, while us old hippies just listen and nobody believe us when we talk about the real deal. Next ones were very good too: Mekong High (Laos and Vietnamese hybrid), Jamaican, Vietnamese Black, Hawaiian, Panama Red, Acapulco Gold, Thai Sticks (laced with Opium and not laced), Oaxacan, Morrocan… Nowadays, ok strains are Skunk #1 (it has about 50% Colombian Gold), just like the UK Cheese. Also, Trainwreck, Pink Kush, White Rhino, Chronic, UBC Chemo, Kryptonite, are all ok. Best hash I ever had in the 70's was the Kashmir (Cashmere depending where you are from). That was a strong sleeping pill. Nepalese Temple Balls too. So, all the talk about THC, looks, smell, taste, I laugh and keep on looking for good old Landraces with fantastic effect. I smoke for the effect only. Just my 2 cents. Cheers all.

  2. Road Dawg, Indica, I get mine from Golden leaf in Steamboat Springs, CO. 30-34% THC not sure about CBD. It has a good body high that doesn't send me straight to the couch unless I smoke a lot. Its amazing for pain and anxiety. It puts me in a happy and relaxed mood.

  3. My favorite go to was usually Blue Chemo but the damn dispensary’s in my area don’t sell it any more.. apparently it was to high of a thc content for the legal official’s 30% ain’t that high..

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