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  1. I’m surprised you haven’t tried FLAVORZ the brand they legit sell in all Dispensaries in LA it’s a Disposable with two flavors in one there the first Brand to do this then any brand out there there also live Resin too . I made a video about them too

  2. Still can't get our hands on anything like this in our state. I'm gl a d for you though, and appreciate that someone is out there and informing people of the new things hitting the market.

  3. jesus loves you repent your sins and believe in him leave your sinful habits tho you may fail with jesus anything is possible jesus is lord and real search jesus testimonyis you will find a lot stories about jesus how real is. weed is a form withcraft sinful trust me bro i was a weed alchol and a drug addict and jesus changed my life . jesus died for your sins . one sin sends you hell . Give you life to jesus amen hope get the message jesus has a better purpose for you life amen bless you man

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