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  1. The smell of the bud is realy important to me, so if some bud smells dead I wont buy it, so I would much rather buy a posible fake that smells and looks nice than real but dead flower. But even if it smells banging it could smoke like shit and vice versa

  2. That’s tough but labels honestly mean less to me then being able to see, smell, and possibly even try before I buy or at least from the perspective of someone dropping good money on some good weed every now and again.

  3. So glad I live in a legal jurisdiction. I honestly wouldn't risk it for the price. Those fake cali packs are getting very sophisticated, and I've heard some are even fooling the verification process. Best thing you can do when buying bud is to see it and smell it. Unfortunately, even in the legal retail word, most dispensaries won't let you smell only nice pictures. Stay frosty out there my fellow pot heads. The game always changes.

  4. Hi Drew 😊 🎉💨 Another dilemma.. Red > If the plug let's me look & sniff red bag first,, best bet to trust your own eyes & nose.

    But,, since I'm a Jungle Boys virgin (boo-hoo😢) & I can see that was just packed 2weeks ago 😮 29%thc special reserve?! I would pick that.😁 ~ Never see these packs where I am, lovee to all. 😻💜☮

  5. 1 the smell means nothing. Some of the best weed I’ve had has barely smelled. So idc about smelling it. And 2 fuck Cali weed. There’s plenty of other states with WAY better weed. Cali USED to be the best not any more

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