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  1. Old school stoner here white ash is jokes 🤣 when I was younger this wasn't actually a thing, obviously if you had really black ash then yeah your stuff wasn't flushed properly and dirty. It doesnt matter in general good smoke is good smoke. Same as all these bags it comes in these days 🤣 people just buy whatever pretty picture is on the bag. Not meaning to come across as a hater but i do think the industry has just been ruined by trivial shit that didn't matter at one point.

  2. I really dont think the colour of the ash matters at all, I think there are too many factors that could influence it. Seen lots of cali have very white ash, but that stuff has been grown with PGR so is probably very bad for you. Moral of the story, stop looking at the colour of your ash, it's either good weed or bad, either tastes good or doesn't and either gets you stoned or doesn't.

  3. Read the science behind this. Cause the color of the ash mostly related to the resin from the bud. Not the quality. Assuming the color of the ash directly relates to bud quality is similar to saying a dude with big feet has a massive cock. Shit doesnt really have a coorelation, seems to be more coincidence.

  4. Ash colour just depends on how quickly it’s burning. Slow burning blunts have black ash while faster burning ones have white ash. Grind your bud well, and smoke it faster and your ash will be white

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