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  1. I promise I don’t hate you Nate. You’re actually a good human being. But this will never end until you move on from it and completely drop it. I’m sending you good vibes brother! Peace and love.

  2. Dude are you serious! You are doing this to your self nothing is wrong with us. Sometimes you have to take responsibility and know when you are the problem not others! You are to weak for a public audience! We can't fix the problem, when you are the problem.

  3. I honestly feel bad for the guy. I’m not justifying his actions towards other content creators or his fans but I do see somebody who needs help. I don’t want to assume anything or label him but he he seems like he’s manic, however even if it’s not that, I hope that you get help Nate.

  4. Nate it’s not that we hate you it’s just you need to sit and think we love you I will even send money to you bro just please pray and ask god he will answer your wishes but you have to do good to others as they do to you:I pray for you

  5. So, you ask
    Get answers
    And deny them so…. Youre going in a loop, and saying “made up character” doesn’t change anything
    It just seems like you’re in denial, and dude you can literally post a video of a pencil on here, get viewers and views, and STILL don’t have to make it your LIFE
    You post when and what you want
    But if you upset someone, it’s valid cause you put it in public
    And what do we know about opinions vs facts? Opinions are human perceptions and facts are essentially number based or having the same out come no matter who you ask
    People are not gonna like your content
    People are gonna RAVE about your content
    It’s about make a community and supporting each other
    That’s a fan base, it’s a give and take for both parties, the creators and the subscribers
    You making that haters video really drove the nails into the coffin

  6. Listen man dope as Yola said it, u need to stop reading the comments and start making videos and not hatefull ones, u still have subscribers but u ran off the veiws, u can do it if you forget the hate and delete the videos

  7. This my music dude keeps shitting on u but fr Man U gotta take some of our advice u haven’t been the same since these daily uploads. Please go back to normal/ before pandemic

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