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  1. why not find a grower tho? get the best buds for the best price? i’m sure you could use your following as a great deal maker? the good bud is only expensive when it gets taxed and put in a store , go to the sources and you can get way more ,

    but i totally understand a 60 dollar 3.5 that’s really what it’s supposed to be is worth more than 3 run of the mill strand $20 3.5’s any day,

  2. Yeah haters hate and the rest of us appreciate what reviews are doing for us, I'd rather get a heads up on something I might wanna try or find out from someone who's already tried something I want but they warn me it's shit and save me the time n cash. But I guess some folks get pissed off that you look like yer living their best life and they ain't.

  3. Get some Jungle boys bud thc test it then review it. They making big claims and a high price over here. Its way outta my price range but could be tempted ❤️

  4. Your the reason why there is 110$ for a 3.5 lol, if people literally just didn't buy that over priced shit then there would be no market for it.
    Y'all are just stupid. You are literally just paying for the holographic packages. The bud inside isn't worth more then 140$ a oz.

    I literally pay 60$ for 30 grams of 36% THC bud 😮

  5. U look blazed my man. And u spend what u want bro if u are doing alright still and u can afford it then fuck it and ur using it to make money but also when u do spend that much money on it. It makes th standard OK to charge that and thats y price keeps going up. So that's why it annoys people. People who don't have that much money are having weed pushed up in price b3casue of it and it causes all th fakes so that's why it is annoying. Bud is never worth that much but if they can sell it for that they will. If they couldn't and people didn't buy it they would be forced to drop th price of it.

  6. Nothing wrong with checking out different stuff. Its not your fault people are charging those sorts of prices. They are doing that to take the pis or cause supply and demand in the market and try to make out something is better than it is.

  7. I say the best reason it is you’re doing it from your YouTube channel. Of course you could probably get a cheaper, higher quality cannabinoids. Reviewing what’s on the market is a useful thing to do. The one thing I would say is that weed should Never be more then 10$ a g even importations. reviewing the products is still helpful, but this industry is killing you on these prices , and it’s hard for me to understand how you can justify supporting them when this is medicine. Paying 100$ a 1/8 is evil shit.

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