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  1. If the argument is in favour of taste, health, and money primarily then why do you smoke joints rather than hitting dry herbs pens all the time? The same reason people smoke blunts over joints. There’s a particular vibe to them

  2. i wouldnt say its never the weed. smoking anything is gonna fuck you up in the long run. your lungs are made to breath air nothing else. if you really worried about cancer and all that switch to edibles.

  3. I started off smoking (tobacco) blunts, then switched to joints and it was good switch for me but I always have to have a blunt every once ina while, I guess just the nostalgic

  4. I feel you on the health points. I smoked cigarettes for 27 years and was diagnosed with lung disease at 30 and was on oxygen until I quit smoking six years later.. Six months after I quit I haven't needed oxygen. I dab my ass off and can still breathe great at 43… If you don't take Thomas's advice, take mine. Blaze cannabis and save your life! Happy new year, Thomas!

  5. throwback to when youtube would always recommend your videos😂 i’d always skip but one day i decided to watch and you INSTANTLY became my favorite youtuber. Only reason i use youtube is to watch you.

  6. Mate beggars can’t be choosers if I made as much coin as you i would smoke straight I hate tobacco I just mix with weed to save money. Most ppl on a salary of 40k to 60k Australian average cannot physically afford 240$ for a ounce for it to last a week whereas if you mix it you can stretch it out to 3 weeks to a month.

  7. I’m so proud to see the new set man. I started watching you in 2018 and instantly fell in love wit yo videos and to see you’re channel grow and the fan base you have, it’s amazing. Keep it up bro 🧡

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