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  1. I've had mine for about 2 years, arc GT. Honestly, probably the best cannabis related product I've ever bought. I use the balance setting and highly recommend the water piece mouthpiece add on.

  2. Im getting this, no matter what. And a santa cruz shredder. The dream is BCG, but due to high demand.. it takes 5 weeks.
    Cant Get the Zeus Arc or the arc gt in Norway though, mostly Arizer, mighty/crafty, pax and the davinci.But heard so much problems with overheating and cheap materials, and apps. Thank you, deffinitely getting the Arc GT! 😀

  3. I went camping, dropped it in the campfire, by accident, frantically tried getting it out, after about 30 seconds I was able to get it out. It still works and charges as normal. Very robust vaporizer.

  4. Where is this device made? I need a second vaporizer. I already have a Crafty Plus and while it's never giving me a problem, if it goes; I don't have anything else. I was going to get a tinyMight, but this looks pretty good

  5. The trick is to make sure the herb isn't packed too tightly so that it blocks airflow or too loosely so that it ends up blocking the airsink. I usually use the tool to pole a whole in the middle of the herb for better airflow. Before turning on the device I take a pull to ensure the airflow is working correctly and the proceed to turn it on (this saves those moments where you turn on and then to your dismay the airflow is blocked while your herb is burning away) so always make sure the airflow is active after packing your device before you turn it on. All in all its a really good device; simple to clean compared to the pax and the quality of vapour is so flavourful. Its a good device.

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