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  1. I can’t grow thc cannabis but I can grow CBD .3% seeds anyone know good seed brands? I would be growing outdoors
how would I do Ph when I’d be using Rain water? Still check Rain water Ph? Add things to water if I need to..

  2. Hey, I know you’re a weed YouTuber but is delta eight getting a legal just asking is I want you to do a video of it cause I heard one YouTuber say it so if you can do a video I wish you can cause I like your videos, I watch a lot of weed YouTube video people, and I just wanna know

  3. I finally figured out a 100% reusable germination and propagation method that is aeroponic compatible. You use PVA sponges that hold 25x their mass in water. You fill it with a 1% Hydrogen Peroxide solution so that it promotes oxygen, keeps it watered, and holds all the water you need.

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