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  1. Hey Matt, if I use a low flame with my propane is it really obsolete to butane? Butane is more refined but isn’t that for torching food and consumption. Does it really make a difference considering I burn the outside of the banger, then wait 30 seconds?

  2. Thank you so much for this video! Very helpful and informative and wish I had seen few years ago lol.

    Curious, you mentioned you dont want to take a hot dab? Is there anything negative about taking hot dab other than losing flavor?

  3. Yo about electric nectar collector.. I recently purchased The Seahorse Pro Plus and it's one that you apply the coil to the wax.. it comes with a rubber hose that connects to any bong/rig. I love it.

    I'm a med patient in CT. All the extracts are solvent free. Do solvents help with anything like producing a smoother product that makes you cough less?

  4. I’ve rotated about 3 different rigs for a year now and I’ve never gotten that high from taking dabs? I have to be doing something wrong because everyone gets crazy high and start coughing up lungs meanwhile i take the phattest hit keep it held in and barely get a buzz afterwards

  5. Thank you! I have an odd question. How do I know if the carb cap is going to fit into the top of the banger bucket? My first try I got cheaper slurper banger with a double-sided carb cap from a different maker. So the side with the two, directional points just barely wouldn't fit in. I JUST got my first Rig and it's like it's got a mini banger on it. I'm so confused, I don't know how to tell if the small insert piece on the carb cap will fit into the top of the banger. plz help.

  6. at the very end where you're cleaning the banger with q-tips , can't you just reheat it and get another couple hits?? the excess dab getting soaked into that cotton is useless at that point??
    also that seems to be the amount I use per dab, let alone how much I'm wasting .
    or am I just a moron?? 😂😂

  7. I have a dr dabber boost evo, I find a puddle of dark liquid after I do a heat cycle. If I reheat it it taste too plant like. Should I a tip that out or use smaller dab size to have it all burn off ?

  8. I’ve been taking dabs regularly for years but I still haven’t completely figured out the perfect temp dabs. Sometimes they’re a perfect temp but other times I take them too hot and it burns my throat and also wastes a good portion of the dab

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