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  1. All the Republicans i know here in Utah smoke weed. Trump is for legalization biden the Democrat is not so sorry man that's not proof enough. Also the gas prices make weed more expensive among everything else in our country cause of democratic politicians 😑.

  2. Sorry,,, I had to quite watching half way through.. Not anything you did,,, Its just any time the goober-ment is talked about it just pisses me off cause them mother fuckers are the biggest criminals on the face of the planet and they are going to tell us peasants what we can and cannot do…. fuck them.. I gave blood for this fucking country,, I will be damned if some fuck munch is going to tell me I cant smoke a little weed when they are laundering millions of tax payer dollars to line their pockets..

  3. there are now mushroom dispensaries as well as weed dispensaries working out in the open downtown Vancouver selling from brick and mortar buildings. ,, if Canada is this far advanced into legalization usa can't be too far behind us

  4. No. It’s absolutely stupid that they want to make it akin to alcohol but want to tax it incredibly high. Having taxes that high will just continue to promote a black market for weed and completely go against their desire to make it regulated.

  5. Overall I can’t wait for legalization, but those taxes are gonna be a bitch! I’m a bit too afraid to buy any black market stuff although considering it rn and idk if texas is gonna ever legalize it recreationally. Sucks…

  6. So, coming back to look at it and the only thing I can think is that, as usual, we are being played. Again. No-one, from either wing of the Boot On Your Neck Party, has any intention of doing more than using it as an electioneering tool.

  7. 6:20 Vro I'm not stoned enough to not tell you that's not how taxes are calculated. After each tax being added to the price the next layer of tax is put on the subtotal from the other tax so it'd be more than $25 on a $50 order which is beyond insane with the lower wrong numbers

  8. maybe we should start playing the race card. the whole reason weed is illegal is because of racism anyway. with this day and age, that will get the ball rolling much faster tbh. this may even force each state to make it legal so they arent looked at as racist.

  9. Considering that people wanted THC to be legal, most states have moved to make it so. Federal gvt. coming in, well all they have done really is just slapped a tax on everything, in their useless typical manner. If you want anything to be changed in a positive way, do it on a local level and stop giving Federal government so much power. Did you like how Trump was moving against THC? Has anyone even thought "well why does Federal Government has such power in the first place, do we not have independent States?"

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