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  1. My friend Shawn got Super snow dog clones from hippies in Western mass who also grew mass super skunk. Some where down the line those growers supposedly crossed the mass super skunk to make Super Sour Desiel.The super snow dog was absolute fire! His outdoor crop of the super snow dog was 6 lbs of some of the best tasting weed I've smoked. I helped trim door a week. If anyone has any more of the back story I would love to hear about it. Thanks

  2. Dude these videos are awesome keep them coming it's fascinating to learn the history especially as well as the way that you present the info very interesting and entertaining I only wish therewas a Ton more lol cuz I'm out of videos lol. But learned a lot of interesting things that I'd always wondered about. But this 1 could almost become a series about the difference between the strains and everything like that we could look at all the base strains of our new ones that are famous today either crossed with these strains the super strain or just the times I'd tries these strains they've all always been amazing most of the time. Those were like all my favorite sativa strains too lmao. But happy 420 and peace

  3. I remember smoking this as a moderate smoker back in high school. My friend left it in a notebook and forgot about it. This was literally the highest ive been off of one blunt to this day. Literally put me in 2.5D lol

  4. If I'd only known….lol. was at that show. Anyway you can do strain history on Indiana Bubblegum? Would be awesome to see if it's what I've heard, on point as always bro appreciate ya!!!

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