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  1. If you would put a lil,more heat at the top of the terp slurper banger,,you will not have any oil blasting down the neck,,and you won't have to use a valve ball,,,,just heat the entire banger up evenly and hit at 600 and you will get a wayyyy,better hit,,, and all the oil will stay in the tube where the pill is👌

  2. Def need to heat it up hotter for the wax to melt before getting sucked up so fast and don’t wait so long before u hit it good lord, like non of that vaporized my dude u just melted it into the chamber 😅

  3. I freeze my glycerin chamber over night and when I heat my tray I don't wait and never have wax go past my valve marble – just instantly vaporizes when I hit that tray you have to be fast at inhaling (I dont wait for it to cool down)

  4. Oh and 50 seconds with a torch is Fucking ridiculous!! Lmfao you definitely need to up grade to at least a Blazer Big Buddy, or a special blue Diablo, or flamethrower! Personally though I use a Blazer GT 8000 Big Shot & any banger I use is heated in under 30 seconds!!

  5. What’s up brother!! Great video! I’m by no means new to dabbing and didn’t really need to watch this video but I like your dreads so lmfao I’ve been using a terp blender I personally think their the best of both worlds you get the cleaning convenience of a normal banger, with the power of a slurper! But my all time favorite is like the Jred Diamond Knots! I have a few four tiers and there absolutely fantastic! And your upset about getting reclaim, why? Just put a reclaim on your rigs and your good to go!! I have a reclaim on all my rigs!!

  6. Bro, keep making videos like this. I rarely comment on videos but you made this video very well, I was really impressed. Makes me want to get rid of the cheap dab setup I have now, stop chazing my bangers, actually taste the terps I pay for, by using a sweet setup like this. Thanks so much friend. 🙂

  7. That looks like such a pain to clean. Like you said every once in a while, I wouldn't buy because it's no good for daily use. Thx I thought about getting it instead of just a better nail. Glad I didn't. Got a yo dabba dabba seamless opaque. Much better temp retention than my $15 cheapo banger. Are banger and nail interchangeable terms?

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