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  1. I like my bangers clean for but I clean w propane bc I’d rather save as much wax as possible & I feel like you lose out on so much reclaim plus q tips also feel wasteful like that first one was soaked in wax

  2. My banger looked just like yours so cloudy , they look like frosted glass, I was one of those who burned my bangers clean, well I tried (Bar keepers friend ) based on another video , and it actually restored them to like new glass,

  3. Thank you! I've been learning a lot about dabbing lately, especially about quartz bangers, and this is by far the most helpful video I've seen. I appreciate your dedication, this channel is so dope and extremely helpful.

  4. The best Chanel on here tell you everything want to learn about bud new weed products in the market how to clean use or compare things IM TRYING YO REACH YOUR GOAL when I can I’m 18 I’m slowly learning to harvest my own crops or LOUD and make dabs carts eddibles i loveeeee talking and learning about this so watching your YouTube video make me feel some type of way in the inside and out LOVE THE VIDS YOUR GOING BIG ONE DAY AND LOVING LIFE

  5. I remember back in like 2014 when a lot of people didn't clean their quartz bangers and other nails they actually said you would have to season them like like cast iron and you would do it with either reclaim or just hit dabs in your new nail until it was seasoned. but now I know better:>))

  6. In 31 years of partaking in this wonderful plant I've learned tap water gunk's up your water pipes with calcium we quick. Switched to distilled so much cleaner and easier to de-gunk😉. Your facts in this video is on point, contaminates add up quick with heat. Appreciate you bro, keep them coming!!!

  7. I do reverse/cold start dabs then swab after the dab to prevent devitrification, and I dont have to use a thermometer. I also got a spinner cap wit round bottom banger and a terp peral to splash the wax around to warmer parts of the banger. Love ur channel dude keeps it ups <3

  8. If you touch your banger with a tissue and it leaves a brown or black mark (burnt) it's too hot and HURTY, at least for myself . Keep re- touching w/ the tissue till no mark noticed and it is perfect temperature every time. I first seen this tech used for nectar collector straw. It works for your banger too. At least till you buy a proper banger thermometer 🌡

  9. High Doll. Thank you so much for this awesome video. I understand totally now what I've been doing wrong. Will do your suggestions and save my glass. Best regards from Canada to you and Nastia, your fan, Sativa

  10. I don’t mind it getting cloudy my quartz , as long as they do the job right 🇨🇦👍✌️ , I use those hand held torches and what I do is heat my banger till it’s red at the bottom and wait at a good temp to take my dab .

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