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  1. Sure your reaction time was impaired a little. However, I still think the difference is insignificant. So you'll hit your breaks 60ms slower? Still within the average range? Haha, cute games thanks for sharing.

  2. not to be a dick, but this isnt how you run tests. You did them sober, then got better at the games after you took the gummies… not because of the gummies, but because you had more practice. that why there are placebos and controls…. Not saying you have to be mr science… but this is just about as accurate as the before and after pictures from weight loss programs.

  3. the first time i tried delta 8 i smoked like almost an entire $18 small disposable from zero gravity (made my grandma buy it for me) and i was in bed playing on my computer and watching tv and it literally felt like i was in a childhood memory. like everything felt and looked kinda warm toned, hazy, calm, soft, and at one point i got a bit too high and just laid down and closed my eyes didnt move for like 20 minutes passed out

  4. I do have my medical marijuana card but I do go to the head shops and buy the Delta stuff all the time mainly because I feel like I can function better on it so I usually use that for a rec and my medical marijuana for night it helps me keep my tolerance low, but at the same time I’m able to function better

  5. Have you ever heard of a brand, Mello Fello? Are they reputable?
    BTW, I am really starting to enjoy your show. It's educational and funny at times where as other channels just get high and go off on tangents that have nothing to do with the video!

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