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  1. Call me crazy but I think I have conditioned my brain into thinking a rip isn't good or a product isn't strong enough unless it burns and makes me cough like a cat trying to puke.

    The smoother the Rip, the less satisfying I find it.
    I also have a background of mixing tobacco and weed and smoking it in a bowl though, probably why.

    And yes I'm fully aware hot dabs are harmful and wasteful don't worry folks

  2. @StrainShow Thank you again for making this video! You have the highest production quality in this category/genre in my opinion! Congrats on YT Partner, Next Step 250k! Let's Goooooo!!!

    Side note: To clarify, the little water pipe adapter/bag to bong adapter is not included with the Glacier Tube, it is a separate item we sell!

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