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  1. Ive got green crack, bruce banner, peanut butter breath, and gmo for photoperiod. For autos I've got a bunch from mephisto, ethos, and twenty20.

    Newly legal to grow in my area so i went a little overboard

  2. For U.K growers looking for good auto's. Mephisto Genetics are head and shoulders above the vast majority in my experience. Barneys Farm have good genetics too.
    Mephisto though. Game changer and not so well heard of here in the U.K. They got a 30% auto if that's what you like. I prefer a good mix.

  3. No bud ever had 35% or more..

    Its not even possible biologicaly..

    Do your homeworks, dont fall for scamer and fake ass brands (the US law allows the company to put a higher thc level on their packages that it acutaly has in real. There is a tolerance of at least 10-20%)

    How do you guys not know any of this?!

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