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  1. Can anyone advise me on a dental for an 11 y.o. shih tzu? She has plaque on upper molars and one molar has red inflamed gum on top. Our vet says she will be fine but I'm toying with going to a veterinary dentist.

  2. That’s all so good to know, I stopped my lurcher’s booster vaccinations 5 years ago and flea meds a while back too. I’m hoping I stopped them in time – I know he hated the flea meds – they made him feel lousy. He now smells lovely and lemongrassy when I use his natural flea repellent instead of that foul chemical stench. He is 14 and I treat everything holistically and homeopathically so fingers crossed that will keep him well. 🐾💓🐾

  3. As someone who has shared her life since birth with dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, fish, squirrels, and raccoons… everything you just said is spot on- my lifetime of 66 years has taught me all of your points- especially that last one .
    Thank you!

  4. I this question has nothing to do with my question but I did not know where else to ask. I just gave my dog a flea bathe thinking all his excessive itching was due to him having fleas, when I rinsed him off I found no fleas, not even when I flea comb him. What could be the reason for his excessive itching?

  5. Hey dr jones. My Bulldog is pregnant and suspected to be carrying a water puppy. I’ve been told I can use waterx which is a natural diuretic option in lasix but I can’t find any information on how much and how often. She has five days from her due date. If you could help I would be forever grateful

  6. This makes me feel vindicated for keeping my 2nd dog away from vets and vaccines. He's 9yo….I've had him for 3 years and as far as I know, he's only has 2 rounds of shots in his life, and he's so healthy! My 1st dog i trusted the vets and his health was terrible…I spent a fortune on vet bills to no avail. Ended up with a bad taste in my mouth. I know there could be other factors in the difference in their outcomes, but most vets are drug pushers, and what I saw was very little benefit to the animal. Thanks so much for making this video 🙂

  7. I'm so glad I discovered you about a year ago! I found you after my 2nd dog started having seizures after getting a 3-years rabies shot. I changed so much in the care of both of my dogs. No flea and tick meds, raw diet, supplements, etc. My female was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in April. After the vet talked about the surgery, it sounded like she's very likely to die on the table. We decided to not move forward and just giving her the best care and life possible. I can honestly say after watching your videos and changing her care, she acts more like a puppy today than before the cancer. Even my epileptic is happier and moving better today than when he was first diagnosed with epilepsy. We can't seem to be more than 4 weeks seizure free, but I'm considering reducing his medication instead of increasing it. I wish you were my vet from the get go!

  8. Thanks, Doc. I'd still rather take your advice than that of AMA-cloned Vets. Hopefully, after what's coming, more people will believe in your methods over the currently accepted practices.

  9. Thank you so much for your compassion and intelligence. We do what we can with what we have to help people and animals, but sometimes it goes against health and nature, that's when we have to stop. It's about knowing when to let go.

  10. I really appreciate all of this info. However, you have people on here who have said they are not getting their pets vaccinated PERIOD. For ANYTHING. Including Rabies. Since Rabies can be transmitted without a bite & before symptoms show, and there’s been ONE case of a human surviving it, I really wish you’d address this.

  11. what would you recommend to a 2yr old American Pocket Bully with irritated skin (scratching, licking, biting at all hours of the day)? I have read they can be prescribed steroids and anti-biotics, but we do not want to give him that!

  12. I go to a park where a lot of people walk their dogs at different times, and my dog is a shih tzu so he smells everything, I never let him interact with other dogs, and usually while I'm walking there are maybe two to three other dogs but they're a 1/4 mile away from me. Is this ok? Cause not sure where else to walk him

  13. Dr Jones I believe you are a true Angel from God here on earth. You made me cry when you were going through the end of life for our precious fur babies , I experienced that and it has never left me, I saw how you had tears in your eyes just mentioning it. God bless you Dr Jones , thank you for everything you do to keep all our beautiful fur babies safe. Merry Christmas and a healthy and Happy New Year to you and your entire family 🙏🏻🙏🏻🎄🎄

  14. I breed miniature australian shepherds on a very small scale. I do not dock tails. Other breeders who dock tails bad mouth breeders who don't and say we are not "reputable" because we don't mutilate our puppies. Go figure.

  15. Can't avoid other animals when visiting a vet unfortunately and no flea and tick for my Dal due to possible seizures from Isoxazoline. Artificial flavoring (not sweetener) is code for MSG a flavor enhancer and is known to add weight to people and most likely dogs too and is hard to get rid of. I give my Dal a lab recheck every 6 months for kidney problems because of age and you should know the BUN and SDMA values. Thanks for good tips.

  16. I would like to ask your opinion on spay & neutering for puppy dogs. I’ve heard that other countries advocate against it and if done too early studies have shown when dogs get older there are health issues related to the procedure.

  17. My beloved 14yr shih tzu Sasha had slowly growing lower oral cancer tumor on her lower left side inbetween her bottom left molars..Started in 2018.. i treated her naturally focusing on her health and quality of life.. I never left her side for her last 5 yrs. i managed her pain with cbds, msm, fish oil, feed her many veggies, meats and spirulina, chorlella, chia seeds and coq10. It was all about her.. The tumor got so big it took over her whole bottom left side of jaw, but her pain was managed with cbd and she was active and playful till her last few days.. I finger fed her 3 small homemade meal of her mashed meats & veggies 3 times a day for her last 2 years of life as it was hard for her to pick up the food, but she easily ate the bites of food off of my fingers.. up untill the very end she was happy and spunky, then drastically she declined her last 3 days, her breathing labored, cancer spread to lungs i think 😢and as HARD HEARTBREAKING & devastating it was for me, >I did what was best for her and held her outside in my vehicle as a country vet euthanized her in my arms as i told her i loved her, would carry her in my heart for ever and I would see her again on the other side…And in my arms she so peacefully slipped over the rainbow.. 😢my Sasha lived a long full happy loved life despite almost being killed by a vet giving her rabies and multi dose booster vaccine 💉 at her 1 yr wellness checkup. And Sasha SUFFERED LIFELONG Debilitating immune, breathing, allergy issues and i NEVER took her to a vet again,. i nursed her back to health as best i could holistically over a period of 2yrs and managed her lifelong side effects of those vaccines with NAC, MSM, CBD and healthy foods and LOVE… Sasha had SEVERE separation anxiety, she never wanted to be from my side>Some people didn’t like that, People use to say her umbilical cord to me was never cut..They said she loved me to much! I WAS SO BLESSED that Sasha never wanted to be away from my side, i was so BLESSED THAT SHE LOVED me so TOTALLY & UNCONDITIONALLY.🥰because that is how i loved/ still love her❤I helped Sashas soul leave her failing lil body September 19th, 2023.. And there has not been a day that i have not missed her furry lil soul…To be loved so totally by her was a blessing and i am so thankful i was able to help her peacefully pass when her time to go arrived…Sasha was the love of my life…truly my soul mate…like we could read each others minds.. She was such a sweet, compassionate, caring and loving lil soul…❤Till we meet again babygirl, mommy love you…

  18. I love your channel four years ago I went to a vet my dog is a Chihuahua he has bad teeth they told me $1300 and he has a cough they told me that he had a heart disease he told me best thing for me to do to my dog would be to put it down he's lived four years so far or more with a cough I've tried a lot of things that you can buy like on Amazon can't get rid of the cough getting really bad Can't afford to go to a vet anyway on 800 dollar disability pension thank you very much for all the home remedies❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  19. I've posted this before, but thank you Dr Jones. My 14yo dog Tinker has reoccurring mast cell cancer. She had surgery for the first occurence, but we decided not to do that again. Thanks to one of your videos I learned about the Joe Tippen protocol. We tried the fenbendazole for a month without any improvement. Tinker was very lethargic and could hardly walk. I decided to add ivermectin and by the 2nd day, we saw a marked improvement. She has been on both for a couple of months now and has lost about 5lbs (needed to) and is as active as she was at 10yo. Without your video and hard work, I am sure Tinker would have passed by now. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!

  20. We had a life time long service dog whom we adored like a new born baby.She was 9.
    Broke our hearts when we had to put her down due to seizures and cancer.
    No sooner we would remove a lump…
    more showed up. It was like losing a child. We had her vaccinated. She had allergies, so she got allergy shots and those flea and tic shots … everything. I know it's been a year since her passing, but it's still so raw. My daughter and mother insisted that I go in volunteer at a dog shelter. My orientation starts after the holidays. I pray it will help thank you for this video.

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