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  1. why arnt you guys titling the videos with king of the road and whatever episode it is? would make it a lot easier for someone trying to watch the series to view the next video. would make the vid perform better id imagine.

  2. checked the newest season to see if the manager quit playing squid games…. apparently not… noboody has any helmets or padding protection whatsoever. This is not how you promote skating. You're promoting the darwin awards. Even tony hawk wears a fucking helmet. All i see is a buncha idiots playing jackass and laughing about how they nearly died for an internet video. Make 1 skating video without blood being drawn from a human being. I bet you can't because none of you wear protection. ya a bunch of skin exposed to wheels and concrete is probably not a great combination smart one. "durr helmets aren't kewl I wanna die" is all i see in these videos

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