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  1. You can’t see the brand name of the melatonin that you are holding. So when I’m up looking for melatonin, I bought some that was called canine choice but because of a certain ingredient in it I thought it was wrong and bad for my dog so I sent it back. Then I found a blue and white bottle like you’re kind of holding up but it is. Vimergy melatonin and I thought it was for dogs. So now I’m not sure if I should give it to her or not. When I looked it up on Google, it said it was safe to give my dog. My dog is going through a rough time with a yeast infection and some kind of inflammation and stuff within her body and I don’t wanna be giving her things that I don’t know or understand. And when you’re showing and talking about certain medication’s and things I find it goes too fast or you don’t really give a brand name to go with the medication or with it whatever you’re showing in teaching on here about what to give our dogs. And I bought your book and I don’t find the answers that I am looking for in your book. It doesn’t mention certain brand names are certain types of essential oils, ill say cedarwood oil, good for ticks and fleas, but you don’t really see what kind of cedar oil you should buy. Is there a certain brand or??? I’m kind of disappointed. I don’t know if I’m making my dog better or worse. And it’s very expensive to go to a veterinarian. It’s already cost me over $400 and now I’m hoping the medication that he gave her that’s going to help her and fix her up.

  2. I saw a previous video you did on melatonin helping dry eye syndrome in dogs. I have 2 dogs, one has dry eye and the vet prescribed Optimmune (cyclosporine), and one that has immune-mediated arthritis (and was on cyclosporine pills but the weren’t helping so now he’s on Leflunomide) and the internist put him on Melatonin (3mg BID he weighs about 18 lb). So I am going to start my dry-eyed dog on Melatonin 3 mg BID (he weighs 20 lb) because I think it will help his eyes (and that ointment is very expensive.) I am a new fan, and I’m going through your previous vids to see if you have any recommendations for immune-mediated arthritis. My little guy has been on Prednisone and every time we try to wean him off he has another flair in another joint. Thank you for your wonderful channel!

  3. I give melatonin to my Australian Labradoodle who was recently diagnosed with Epilepsy. Currently he gets 2.5 mg twice daily along with his CBD oil and MCT.
    I def see a difference in his lessened anxiety when I am out of the house – and it is nice to know that at 60 pounds I can tweak the dosages as needed.
    Thanks for the info- this is just what the doctor ordered for those of us out here not wishing to immediately turn to traditional medicine/ I don't for myself so why would I for my doggie-boy?

  4. I tried this about a couple wks ago. My 4yr hound terrier mixed seemed like she wasn't breathing at night when on it and she started acting weird. A week into it she stopped eating so we stopped that day. Next day went lame with limp on back leg. We thought she had lymes or possibly IMHA with slightly pale gums. Bloody stools for a couple days. A week later, I got her to a holistic vet with many stressful days of her barely eating, or moving in btwn. No diarrhea or vomiting. By the time we got her to the appt she had already started eating at 2am that morning and was doing better. Lost 5lbs. The vet was all " I dont see anything wrong with her". Tested negative for everything! Her doshas were off!!! She cleared my pups Chakras and told me she had emotional issues, like PTSD which the fireworks and my husband going back to work were exacerbating. She's vegan and I guess her diet is too vata and she just went too far vata 😆 I thought she was going to die! Except the fact that when we took her to the park her lameness would mysteriously disappear 😐 The park is her happy place. What a crazy week I just had. I'm just saying melatonin doesn't always do the job, lolol.

  5. Hi Doc. Will this work for my dog Elvis because he has a terrible time during thunder and fireworks! And if it will help where do I get the melatonin for dogs?

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