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  1. Dear doctor Jones, I found your videos very helpful and informative. I would be really thankful if you give me answers to few questions. I have a 14 years old Shih Tzu. Really great dog. I grew up with him and my whole family really loves him. My questions are:
    1. We used to feed him with raw meet whole his life (it is raw chicken, chicken liver and beef from the butchers shops) and he never gets salmonella. People online are always telling that it's dangerous to feed raw, but he never had any problems with it. Should I continue feeding him like this? Except that, most of the food that he eats through day is cooked chicken, a little bit of kibble and some veggies and fruits.
    2. Do you know if Royal Canine dog dry food has BHA preservatives? I gave a lot of money for Royal canine food and I am still not sure if it's safe because on the package is just written preservatives. I contacted them but they didn't answered me.
    3. At age 13 he had a problem with his front legs joints. I started to give him supplements like glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate and also omega 3 fish oil capsules. It completely recovered him. I want your advice on should I give him eggs, because most of his diet is made of meat and he eat very small amounts of kibble so I have to find a way to compensate for the lack of nutrients and I thought that the eggs would be good solution because they are rich in almost all vitamins. Some studies show that eggs increase inflammatory in body. I don't know is it good for him because of his joints.

  2. Can you do a video on cat allergies or other issues related to the nose peeling off? My poor car suddenly has a bright pink nose and a bump, with what looks like dirt circling around it, even though it is not dirt. I want to use a holistic treatment versus what typical vets are trying to prescribe her. I already have a humidifier set up at her resting station, but I know there's more I can probably do to help her heal her nose area.

  3. I am the vacuum cleaner queen in my house and after I walk my dog I use apple cider/water mixture to wash her paws and I use covers on everything she sleeps on and wash them weekly…..Whatever it takes and it’s working…and so am I ‘working’ lol

  4. I have to say you are my savior. My little girl has terrible allergies, she licks her paws 24/7, she sleeps with me so our nights are not very relaxing. I tried many things, the green tea wash, the ACV wash, and many of the other things you suggested, with not much of success, but today I tried the sunflower oil, MIRACLE!!! Something so simple, she is resting now and she didn’t licked her paws since then. Thank you for sharing all this homemade remedies with us.

  5. added sodium abscorbate to water.
    give 5 or 50 mg melatonin at night (50 to 500 stops nephrotic syndrome in human kids from coincidence called vaxcks sceenes)

    fish oil
    beef only diet (good for kidneys too, carnivore, low carb, animal foods only)

  6. Bach's Rescue Remedy for pets will also calm a dog or cat, even birds. Organic Cold Pressed Coconut Oil I used on many dogs with great results, has many benefits & uses, fleas, ticks, mosquitoes hate it too. Everyone may want to make their pets food to help heal health issues. There are many great recipes out there. 💖Great video Dr Jones! As always! 💖

  7. I had a dog die in a fire because he was put on prednisone because of extreme allergies. His personality changed from a sweet loving dog to one terrified of the very people that tried to save his life. Prednisone is something I'll never allow anyone to be on again including people. I use acv (weak solution inly)to help prevent indigestion (orally) and
    itching (topically) from rashes. D3 is a must. Would never be without it. Another great topic, doc. My pack loves you, (all 4 of us).

  8. I would appreciate any input. Ive been to the vet several times. Im a thousand dollars in and my ragdoll cat is 12 years old and has water like diahrea. Shes being treated with antibiotic shots. Shes had 2 so far and is getting another one coming up. The vet doesnt think she has cancer. She has been having diahrea for a while. Since before antibiotics. I have an iv bag and im giving her cernea shot every day. I give her probiotics. The kidney care dry food was helping her but she wont eat it. Royal canin 12 and up pate was helping her but she wont eat it either. I dont want to put her down. Please help me.

  9. I have a whole host of allergies. It's worse this year than ever in my life. The itch is so aggravating. Now I have a dog who also suffers the same fate. Poor thing, all she does is scratch. And her poor ears and paws…poor girl. Getting her to take a vitamin or anything is impossible. She's even is difficult to feed. If I try to mix anything it her food, or water forget it, she'll starve herself before she'll eat it or drink her water which she hardly drinks period.

  10. Love your channel❤️🐕 have tried the ACV it’s wonderful. Have also used this recipe 1 pint boiling water. Add 1 sliced lemon. Let it cool and then apply 2-3 x a day. I strain and store the lemon water in a mist bottle so I can easily apply

  11. Thank you Dr Jones!!! Please think about doing a video on asthma in cats. My 12 yr old American short hair tabby has it according to out vet and only thinks steroids would work. What else can help. Tried steam showers and saline drops in the nose but doesn't do much and she gets so congested she won't eat. She sneezes constantly too. Thanks for any and all your good info ❤

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