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  1. I believe vaccines can affect a dog and feel a vaccine has affected mine. Problem is they are required to have this vaccine often. One can't take a dog to a dog day care, to get a hair cut, spa treatment, public place, or travel without the vaccines. Yes we are giving these vaccines quite often and Quarantine is quite long if required. Socialism for a dog is a priority, so unfortunately it's about impossible to not have a dog vaccinated. That being said, I'd rather use the vaccine than risk rabies.

  2. The downside to not having all the required vaccines is if you need the kennel the animal, most places won't take them without vax, especially Rabies. In fact where I am from Kennel cough is required too.

  3. I hole heartedly believe my puppy developed seizures after the rabies vaccine! Before it, he was perfectly healthy and normal. He died 3 years ago. Now, I have a dog who’s never been vaccinated and one who has. The one who has, has seizures too. The dog who hasn’t, has never gotten sick and they’re 10 years old. They are the puppies of my dog who died.

  4. Thanks for saying this. The natural alternative is the RABIES NOSODE. No side effects.
    Recently They have been releasing rabies (not the antidote) into the wildlife in eastern USA. WHY? I expect a huge out break and media will say it has jumped and there is a special human strain and everyone must be vaccinated. Wait and see.

  5. thank goodness you are talkjng about this

    question everything

    nothing natural about anything from pharma
    folks need to know
    many of us have given our perfect pets zero interventions
    feed raw
    nature is best

  6. Great video. Thank you. I live in Europe and like to travel with my dog in our campervan. I felt instinctively that my dog, now 12 and arthritic, should not have another rabies jab (the last one was 8 yrs ago when we rescued him from Bosnia, so that vaccine may well still be active). This means that we cannot drive to countries where my dog’s vaccination passport may be checked, including my native UK. This is despite the fact that rabies is not endemic in the country where we live nor in the UK, and also despite the fact that there are some vets who can carry out a test to see if antibodies to a previous rabies jab are still active but who are not allowed to sign a statement to this effect to show border control enforcers. It makes me think that many vaccinations are pushed only for the benefit of the pharmaceutical companies. Anyway, thanks for reading and I really appreciate your videos, especially as my dog gets older and you talk about safer alternatives to some veterinary drugs.

  7. vaccines are nothing but a $$$ making scam……..I ‘ve had 6 dogs over my many years so trust me I’ve seen it….I had two young dogs vaccinated at the same time years back…the vet swore up and down it was safe to give them more than one vaccine at a time….BOTH…almost died! I had to rush them to the 24 hour Animal ER in the middle of the night…it cost me tons of money.  
    Another rescue I had only four years old got terrible side effects from the rabies vaccine it (actually gave him rabies like symptoms) …and when I brought him back to that jab pushing vet my dog actually bit him…that’s how bad the side effects of the Rabies vaccine were. … (Good dog Riley!)…and when the Nazi City sent me an update mandate on the Rabies vaccine I had to pay hundreds for a test to prove and prevent my dog from possibly dying from another rabies vaccine…”””".seriously anyone and everyone behind this vaccine money making scam….SHAME ON YOU!!! “”””””

  8. Sir I Have Qs If Dog Has Yearly Rabies vacine shot and Came in Contact with Dog slight bite That might have Rabies ,Does Dog still have To Take 5 shot of 1ml vaccine again ? As he ealriar had Rabies Vaccine shot done yearly?Pls Answer This Sir🙏

  9. Any suggestions??? My mother-in-law saved a dog from an abusive family. She has already put hundreds of $$ to save the pour little girl. She's on her 4th round of antibiotics for a kidney infection. She also has herpes. The dog not my mother-in-law. 😁 Anyway, because of the herpes she stinks. Any suggestions on helping with the smell? There is no cure for the herpes. The infection has been so bad that the pour thing pees when she stands up, and there is always blood . She has had to stay over at the vets off and on because of the infection. The vet suggested taking her to Columbia to special school for vets so they could do a test on her that he couldn't or to put her down that there isn't much more he can do for her. My mother-in-law can't do either one. So, she is trying her best to give this dog a good life for as long as possible. I'm not sure what she feeds her. I know she does give her yogurt. She has two other dogs, and so far, they haven't gotten herpes. My mother-in-law has a big heart. It's too big sometimes. This dog has destroyed all the carpets in the house. The smell is so bad we can't go visit her. Plus he other two dogs hate this new one. She has had this new one for maybe 4-5 months now.

  10. I live in an area where rabies among wild animals is very common. Small animals with it could get in my fenced yard so I got my dogs the rabies vaccine but not all the other stuff vets push. My youngest dog did have a one off seizure after his puppy shots to include the rabies shot. He's fine now.

  11. That’s my dog to the tee! He has become aggressive fearful anxiety. My other guy has other issues…
    Never again! In NY it is mandatory. But I still won’t. Vets here will not treat them if they do not have that vaccine! He was a sweet dog playful and silly. I see changes and could not figure out why… thanks Dr Jones. There is no rabies in my area.. no need to give them this vaccine as well as many others…They are 15, not taking chances as one has UC and the other hip and joint issues. They do not need any more issues….

  12. My cat suddenly developed skin tumors right after getting a rabies vaccine. He also became paranoid and runs upstairs under the bed every time the doorbell rings or he sees someone walking up the sidewalk (even me after getting the mail)!. He's a small indoor cat and has never been real sociable but he's got much worse after the last rabies shot and I'll never get him one again. Fortunately our vet doesn't push it while most do where I live and he treated the tumors successfully. Now I put Dr. Jones CBD oil most days in his food and it helps with the anxiety.

  13. Vaccines are a money making scheme. I used to faithfully have my dogs vaccinated. What absolutely showed me the “money” aspect??? My male dog “bit”(scratched her arm with a canine tooth,zero puncture)a person. He was 10 days late on vaccines because my brother had been in the process of dying and I was his only caretaker.
    I took the pooch to the vet and asked?????? The vaccine says it is a THREE year vaccine,so it has been a year,WHY does he require another one? Indiana state law…. Was the answer.
    The Vaccine corporations are doing some sort of big kickback. These vaccines are NOT for your dogs well being.
    Same way with the Leptospirosis vaccines. Do some research… there are at least 17 different “species” of Leptospirosis. The vaccines only prevent 2 types. Most of the leptospirosis vaccines are horrible for your animals.

  14. Thank you for this video. Our beloved, healthy sharpei mix who was two years old, died the day after we were forced to vaccinate to license or surrender the dog. It was an evening appointment and he was tired and lethargic when we got home, but we were told that might be the case. Woke up early the next morning and he had passed in the night. That was 15 years ago, but I'll do all that I can to keep that from happening to our current or future doggos!

  15. Our immune systems were not designed to fight off anything injected straight into our bloodstream. Diseases do not naturally enter our bodies that way. Between that, plus all of the other toxic ingredients in vaccines, is it really surprising that they have negative side effects?

  16. i have a medical alert dog and they gave him all his shots at one time which were good for 5 yrs…shortly after, his legs started to shake, mainly the front…he has anxiety attacks several times a week…hes always been very social but now afraid of other dogs and animals…capone also developed hyperkeratosis on all four pads…it has been 4 yrs and we are still trying to cope with all of it and he is no longer able to function as a service dog…so we stay home…never crossed my mind that it could be vaccine related

  17. God bless you for spreading truth. In these days it’s very risky and I appreciate you for being brave.
    All the shots cause mental health and physical health damage in humans and animals.

  18. My dogs had the 3 year vaccine, my chihuahua a month ago had double surgery for granuloma and fatty tumor, she was given all her vaccines. Mandatory. My cocker needs to be groomed & required to show her vaccination rabies certificate, so she is getting it this morning. Our state requires rabies vaccine . I missed the window for the 3 year vaccine so have to start over with the one year. I live in the country & raccoons, opossums 😊come in the yard.

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