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  1. Not understanding why they only get/want cali bud..maybe 15 years ago when they were one only legal states…now half the US is recreational and a lot of states have amazing bud…not getting this cali thing anymore…

  2. I live in a state where I have to order THCA flower. Till they make it medically legal in my state I use CBD hemp direct, i buy the 28g Black Ice smalls (tests 27%, but that's just THCA right?). It goes for 60$ and wondering how it compares to the real thing for the price? I use for severe nerve damage pain, and it works great. With them talking about making medical legal, I am wondering about an honest comparison with the real thing.

  3. $1.80 per g. by the Oz. here in Vancouver BC Canada.

    If you're Paying $6 here – you're getting the very Best / Boutique Strains.

    "Death Bubba" @ 24-28% THC – is the $1.80 above-mentioned, sometimes as much as $2.49 per g – depending upon "Freshness".

    (Their 'Stale' is my 'Sticky' – it's Primo)

  4. Appreciate the review love seeing the medical side and happy there is a lot to offer hope to see vape pens/ cart from a medical company but possibly not going to happen, thanks drew!

  5. can I ask why you always link shorts to everything showing off the product? no other large smoke channel has to do that, they just show off, grind & smoke everything in the same video, and nothing really changes

  6. I was gona get them ones i whish i got the pink kush thow will next time 💯 i thought the black cheery pie was nice smooth terpy blaze💯 and the mac 1 was nice some really nice medicals comeing through ✌️💯

  7. Lol why is it evertime i make an order u do a vid on the strains i ordered the day before i get them. Last time the green organic Dutch man strains and yes they were terrible never getting that trash again. Im hoping these three are gonna be good looking forward to the pink kush now and good gmo medical well u cant go wrong at 6 quid a g. I have noticed that gamma irradiated bud is completely dead for terps but beta irradiated seems to keep alot of the terps

  8. Serious question here…..if you legitimately need bud for medicinal purposes why do you hunt black market shite along with it? The medicinal bud is grown with the purpose of being medicinal yet you hunt every fake cali pack n edible going 😂😂

  9. Too bad the batch of Donnie burger you got wasn’t as good as the gram of live resin diamonds I had from a company called cannamo. It smelled like gmo crossed with another strain which added a lil citrus, fruity like if you had some fancy burger topped with a funky sauce and is amazing

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