#654 | LIVE – Strong Wednesday w/ The Deftones Steftone – The Dr. Greenthumb Show

THC University

00:00 – Lounge 36:03 – Show Start! 1:38:44 – Submissions 2:05:16 – Opening the Doors to The Insane Asylum (Comments and …

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  1. Ohhhh shit !!! I made the show ! Hahahah 😂 I’m Louis and that joint was not my first with a glass tip but it was one of my first times sort of with a phunky feel tip (more like my 6th time) HAHAH FUCKING STOKED WITH MY 4! And yes it did smoke like a 10 though . Hell yeah ! Thanks guys !

  2. Been loving what y’all do. This is life. Talking along with the consumption of mind altering substances. I smoke like a chimney and expand my mind regularly, so I relate. Mush love♥️

  3. I just got to say I'm such a huge Cypress Hill fan brings me back to the best days days when s*** made sense if you know what I mean much love and peace and respect to all of you keep making beautiful art💯✌️💚

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