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  1. Absolutely astounding work, way to go fletch! Some more preferred/nostalgic citrus terps would have to be synergy [lemon g13 x goodmeds] and friesland by greendot labs (Boulder, CO 2017), fabuloso/jilly bean/agent orange by allgreens (Denver 2020), blood moon/blood orange/ tange power/tange Power/orange zkittlez/raspberry beret (higher grade/Denver-2021), submango (Boulder Rx, Boulder-2011), xj-13 (greenest green/Boulder, CO), novacaine/amnesia haze by brainfreeze (by the green room- Boulder 2014), In the Pines/Chunkdawg #57/East Coast Panama Chunk/OJ Ghost <obsolete or chrome cut>/black lime reserve/sugartown express by Green Dream Cannabis (Boulder 2016), big chain cobra <swamp boy seeds>, tarantula, blowfish, juliet, sweet tooth, mango haze, cantaloupe haze, orange velvet, blood wreck. Thanks again guys and keeping my fingers crossed for a Fullmelt Friday Throwback session sometime soon 😁

  2. I had some great Strawberry Cough that I picked up from a Canadian in New Zealand back in the early 2000’s. I had it in Oregon before that and when I smelled it in the bag and then toked it, it was the same. Was so unique.

  3. Mammoths were found with perfectly preserved vegetative matter still in their mouths and stomachs after thousands of years due to freezing. Soooo its not that insane that a freezer preserved hash for only seven years.

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