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  1. Great show, Amaaaazzzziiinnnggg performance from B-Real & C-minus !!!
    Snacks looks funny as fuck bro 😂
    Love & respect from Manchester, England

  2. Love you fellas! Been repping the Hill since a kid. 93' was a mix of your music and the Rodney King beating. Nobody knew what was going on. All that mattered was that you guys were new and innovative. When I found out that you were friends with Kenji and Musaki, the world got a lot smaller. I remember smoking with you guys, a pipeload at Club Unity, waiting Wu-Tang to perform. One of the best memories ever! I also remember smoking with Sen backstage at a Funkdoobiest show at the Whisky on Sunset. Big ups to Mike Maglieri! Cypress has changed my life. Thank you for all you do. Especially Muggs. Your vision is a symphony. House of Pain was dope! Time for a Soul Assassin's concert!

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