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  1. These man who are adamant for cali and there prices crack me up that top shelf uk pisses on so many things!!! But yeah never pay more than £250 oz on top shelf uk quarters max £80 but has to be the absolute fire which it is 😅

  2. What I find is long term smokers hate the packs , like those who’ve been doing it since the 80s, 90s early 2000s . Because we were smoking what you call flavours today !!!! But we just weren’t wrapped up in this supply and demand generation , so the price remained the same . These people willing to rush out to pay £20+ for a bottle of prime 🤷🏻‍♂️

  3. 24 percent is about what’s average at Missouri dispensary’s atm, Missouris new to the game and although it’s about 35 bucks an 8th, the weed is pretty decent, good thing my body has a shop and grows 30 percent bud and I get an ounce for 80 bucks.

  4. You gunna have the brummie boys on your back with this one. 5 years ago they were doing fire bcg. Try 60 for a q though. 200 a zip. But i guess even tinman pharms was 200 -220 a zip back then.

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