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  1. UK bong user, I went from just refreshing the water. My pieces were never “clean” just had fresh water. I finally started watching American podcasts and videos ect Nd found out about ISO and salt. My smoking experience has been ONTOP since😍😍 UK OR US CLEAN YOUR DAMN BONGS

  2. Im from the uk 🇬🇧 he's talking nonsense pure shit weed doesn't need to tase like your favourite food old school hash high quality or Pakistan soft hash put that in a bong tastes harsh but got you high as fuck .. but he was still probably at primary school a kid mirror bar also great stone always used a pipe or a bong was like a mild acid trip colour's walking about on a different planet 15yr old good hash was stronger than bud shaken thc crystals pressed onto soft fluffy hash strong stuff didn't care about the taste all about the stone How high you got

  3. I don’t like joints because they don’t get you as stoned, and they go out constantly unless you’re using tobacco (yuck)
    Lately I’ve been on the hemp blunt wraps. I don’t do tobacco anymore so the hemp ones are great. Slow burn and they never go out!

  4. Clean your bong and if your so interested in just taste be a chief your smoking weed to get high.. but its all about how it tastes iv had hash Lebanese didn't tastes fruity or like food lemon strawberry sweets skittles ect.. but it got you high as fuck

  5. Certain weeds taste like shit in a bong. Some are amazing. Decent hash is best for bongs.
    Really brings out some razy flavour, much tastier than smoking hash in joints.

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