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  1. Beautiful 🌹 just like rose I love it the government needs to help all the states along with legalization of recreational cannibals for us guys here in Indiana so that is Indiana boys can enjoy these beautiful Indiana nights yeah,yeah,yeah…🌌👌

  2. The first dispensary i went too in like 2012 and was MRC . Got 2-3 different PKs and the malibu still holds the best smelling weed i ever had. Its at least my favorite. That sweet marshmellow creamy kush is so fucking dank. Watched this video probably 5+ times throughout the last 5 years

  3. Fuuuuuuhhhk…. if that is the same that used to be at the Fairfax store in Hollywood years ago, it's "REAL" true top shelf. Bowls taste good to the last toke. Even the resin is kush and forget about having it in your house and trying to hide the smell, it's impossible. I remember a bit tighter nuggets is all. People paid 90 to 100 for 3.5g but I bet 95% of smokers never will have this grade or ever even see it in their lifetime. It's being reserved for select few. Dave's PK is awesome also.

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