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  1. Mine got vaxed as a pup and that’s it. The amount of dogs I’ve seen go for boosters and get sick is enough to prove to me somethings not right. My boys 12 in a few month and he’s only been sick once his whole life.

  2. My cat has all his core vaccines and he's not getting anymore if not needed. I will pay the ridiculous amount to test his levels before he gets another vaccine.
    Yeah it's cheaper just to vaccinate but my bubby's health and life is worth more. Love my bubby❤

  3. It’s a myth that any viruses are at any point “alive”.
    Did you know that viral germ theory has never been proven to be true? After more than 100 years it’s still a theory. Did you know that a “virus” has never been proven to actually cause disease according to the scientific method?
    What if what we know as viruses are actually a Creator-given solvent that mammals produce to clean up their terrain of the body?
    What if the only viruses that actually cause us and our pets to be ill come in vaccines, along with a host of incredibly harmful substances (poisons)?
    What if the “antibody response” is actually a marker for how much damage was done to the body?
    Those who deal with farm animals know that bad or poop-contaminated water, poor nutrition or being both cold and wet is what will cause “disease” in those animals. Our Creator did a magnificent job of giving us many ways for our bodies to heal. Those mechanisms bring in zero cash for the pharmaceutical industry, though.

    Historically, doctors were not held in high regard and people (so-called witches, “snake oil salesmen”, natural healers, chiropractors, naturopaths) were taking away from the ability of doctors to make a living. So, those who had a vested interest in medicine, instead of bettering the training of doctors, they discredited and even killed the competition. Food for thought.

    Thank you for the stance you have taken for the betterment of the health of those precious furry companions that enrich our lives.

  4. My yorkie was 2.5 month old and 5 pound when she got
    DHPPi2/DAPPi and
    LMULTI vaccine (both from Eurican),so two suspensions,
    two vaccine at once.
    Vet said it was becouse we late 1 month from the 'vaccine date'.
    Ok,we got home,she was like num..starring blank at the wall ,then nervose walking around and then she got epileptic seasure… body shaking,foam from her mouth,at the same time pupping and peeing…that lasted for half a minute. Story short,she is ok today,no health problems.
    I decided NO vaccine for her any more.
    Im from Europe,Serbia,here we have diferent law…no obligation on vaccine,microchiping,rabbies.
    Except if you travel abroad,than you are obligated.
    And medical pet insurance does not exist here.
    Mainly because prices are low
    Knee surgery,bone fracture surgery go from 300-500 $
    (all included)

  5. I lost my 15 YO girl to IMHA last year. She was diagnosed one month after getting her yearly vaccines plus dog flu. She had no health issues other than being elderly until then. I'm wondering if that could have caused it?

  6. In thinking about it, you’re saying vaccinate at 12 weeks and 16 Weeks, is that in addition to the very early puppy shots for parvo and distemper? I always have for many years questioned if all these boosters were necessary?

  7. Thanks, we vaccinated for rabies and waited an extra year before doing so. We paused before doing more vaccines. There have been cases of distemper in raccoons in our area, and I wasn't sure what we should do but won't vaccinate. Would you have any suggestions for natural immunity? Colloidal Silver?
    (Please, no random responses, I am asking the Dr. Thanks)

  8. My dog was only vaccinated when she had to travel abroad as I adopted her from another country, she is a rescue. 13 years old now and fit and healthy and happy as a pup.

  9. I have not taken my dog to get vaccines. If my dog has any health issues the vet said he has to be up to date on his vaccines in order for him to be seen. I refuse to bow to the money pit and the overdosing of my 10 year old dog.

  10. Thank you for everything you are sharing with us. I have known for a long time that things are night right with yearly vaccines and stopped allowing the vets to pressure me to do so a long time ago. But there are times when I have a sense of guilt or feeling of what if I am wrong. I really appreciate your input on all of the things that go on with our pets and you always put my mind at ease that I am still on the right track using home remedies and cooking food for my dogs and cats. The recipes you have are fantastic. I have been asking my vets up front for years if they will care for my dog or cat even though I choose to not do annual vaccines or monthly flea pills etc. They have never said no, at least. I am so thankful to have found you Dr Jones.

  11. Is there a way to get the vet to vaccinate less on a smaller dog/cat? I heard they’ll loose their license if they do that… So how can we safely get a smaller dog vaccinated?


  13. I had my dog allergy tested last year, and they said that he had vaccinosis. So, this year, I decided to only get his rabies this year instead of doing the DHLPP vaccine. He is 6 years old now. Tell me if I was wrong to not have it. He has a ton of allergies now.

  14. Too bad animals don’t have vaccines like we do, so much so that the manufacturers can’t be held liable because everything is just so perfect and harmless for everyone! 🤔

  15. Thank you for the dog info (you almost lost me at "i even got the covid vaccine" tho) They've gotten rabies once, they don't socialize.i think we're good

  16. I am grateful to finally see a veterinarian with common sense! Thank you for mentioning the dosing dilemma on vaccines. My 5 pound Maltese gets the same dose is the great Dane! And my puppy at 3 pounds had adverse reactions to his last round of vaccines. No more! on a different note, I would like to introduce you to a whole food that is highly beneficial for dogs and humans, Anovite’ bovine colostrum. It is superior quality and has so many restorative qualities for us and our pets. Look up the studies! Thousands of them. Thanks again for what you do! I’m so grateful for your channel.

  17. 17 years ago we kept 5 of the cocker spaniels from the same litter.Unfortunately, the mother dog was of my sister , not spayed and got pregnant. OUr mother dog Maya was about to die because a baby was stuck in the womb canal. She got operated and could not feed her babies.Stitches she had .So, me was taking care of 6 puppies ( one of them we gave away and kept 5) ,sleepless nights, all of them crying at different hours, it was crazy. One of them , Lovely he was also premature. I had to give special attention to him. They all got vaccinated at the same day, by the same vet . They had their puppy vaccines, 2 dhpLL with 3 weeks of interval, bronchitis , corona ( once upon a time corona vaccine was suggested opposed to today) and finally rabies. Guess what ? Just before the 2nd year vaccination, Lovely got parvo not sure but also distemper I assume ( he was around a year old) and deceased. THis was a very big lesson for me. Althought dogs are vaccinated, they may not be fully protected against diseases. I know that with KC because there are so many strains and bronchitis vaccine do not fully cover all. Lovely, was staying for a while with my mum while I was abroad and I believe he most probably went around dogs who were not fully vaccinated ( many street dogs in Turkey) and since he did not have enough antibodies , he got sick opposed to our quartet which were fully healthy. I do still not know what went wrong but obviously he did not develop enough antibodies.They were all born with a disadvantage because apart 2 days they could not get mother milk but instead the powder milk we gave in syringes. And Lovely was the weekest. .. Tonight, it is their birthday. They would be all 17 years old today. By the way, one of the rescue GRs I have developed rabies allergy. He lost hair , had a temporary paralysis. Now, all going back to normal.Since he is destined to fly abroad to US, he shall be periodically vaccinated. But still, it is a mandatory vaccine and impossible to get permission to not vaccinate our dogs against rabies although they may have an underlying issue…

  18. Wish more vets would understand the dangers of overvaccinating. One of my vets would not give my 13 yr old schnauzer a rabies vaccine, and insisted we run a titer instead. At the time, I did not understand how right she was. A different vet insisted I give the rabies vaccine to a different 14 yr old schnauzer and it sent her into a near fatal anaphylactic reaction. If I wouldn't have been in the parking lot at the vet clinic, I would have lost her. This same dog developed chronic kidney disease. My current dog was just diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease. Really makes me what is happening with our pets. There is a 3 year rabies vaccine and yet many vets vaccinate yearly. So very sad that we do not practice what is best for the animal.

  19. What are the risks or comparisons of one year rabies and three year. Also can risks of flea collars. I am certain it was the cause of both of my dogs having seizures. Taking away a specific brand of flea collar and using organics the seizures are gone.

  20. This info is specifically about Puppys? So what about older dogs? Like 7 year old Chihuahuas rescued and that got vaccines from a humane society and then my first year of having her she got another vaccine or booster? My two little dogs are always outside supervised and they are mostly indoor dogs. I can get vaccines from Tractor Supply and give them myself. Im not in a hurry though and would appreciate info particular to 6+ years for small dogs? I wouldn't adopt a puppy because there are so many older dogs that need homes. I want to give them a break from vaccines as long as possible.

  21. If you are jabbed for covid, that is not common sense. Didn't Israel just admit that zero healthy people under the age of 50 died from covid over there? Also:

    A new study on Covid-19’s infection fatality rate (IFR) by age from a team led by Dr. John Ioannidis, the world’s most-cited physician, estimates that Covid’s IFR in the pre-vaccine era was under 0.1% for those under 70—even lower than previously believed.

    Dr. Ioannidis et. al. found that across 31 national seroprevalence studies in the pre-vaccine era, the median IFR was 0.0003% at 0-19 years, 0.003% at 20-29 years, 0.011% at 30-39 years, 0.035% at 40-49 years, 0.129% at 50-59 years, and 0.501% at 60-69 years. This comes out to 0.035% for those aged 0-59 and 0.095% for those aged 0-69.

  22. The only vaccine I was going to have for my two cats was the FVRCP. Based on your previous video. You are spot on about auto antibodies. A study by the Center for Companion Animal Studies at Colorado State University did find the FVRCP vaccine can cause CKD in cats. My two indoor cats are now a year old. They have not had any vaccines.

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