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  1. I totally forgot to add this….
    The worst comment of them all, that clueless pet parents say…
    "dry kibble is good because it cleans their teeth" ahahaha
    How rediculous is that?
    It's outrageous what clueless pet parents delude themselves into believing 😂 Why don't they use corn chips to clean their teeth? 😂

  2. If you care about your own food, it's common sense to care about the food your pets eat. Either you pay a little more for good food, and make the effort to prepare it, or you pay the vet later, when your pets get sick.

  3. Everyone!!! PLEASE Check who makes your dogs food! My service dog and my Brothers Service Dog (both age 5 and perfectly healthy) almost Died from HGE!

    We were feeding them the Orijen by Champion Foods. Champion also MADE Akana. Champion was bought out by Nestlé Purina in the U.S. in Nov '22.

    The web says they're STILL made in Canada by Champion Pet Foods! But They're NOT.

    The ingredients have Literally TRIPPLED. Everything is Ultra Processed, and it REEKS. The kibble is extremely hard for them to eat.

    There was WAY too much vitamin E AND Vitamin D and our 2 boys now have brain damage, and Almost Died Countless Times from Hemorrhaging for 5 MONTHS.

    Please get the word out!!! No one should have to go through what we've been through in the past 5 months! It's a Nightmare and looked like a crime scene, Day and Night!!!

    😢 We went BROKE Repeatedly going to the ER Vet, hospitalized them with IV's, subcutaneous fluids and meds.
    TWO antibiotics, 1 Pepcid, Carafate and more. Way, way more.

    Finally got them on raw Beef Tripe and Offal and medicinal mushrooms. After 2 days, THEY WOKE UP! Lethargy was gone! But the Damage Is Done.
    Please, Please, Please be careful!

  4. Thank you so much. My take away is real foods. I wish I knew this. I just had to put my cat to sleep last Monday. It’s was unexpected. We noticed he was having trouble eating and drink all of a sudden. He developed bone cancer of his jaw. It was a huge mass inside his mouth and down his throat. We are still devastated. He was still a happy guy and loved life but could no longer eat and drink. He was losing so much weight. He was so hungry but just couldn’t eat and drink. I tried syringe feeding him but he was so stressed and would get so angry. I had to let him go and not be selfish to hold onto him longer because I didn’t want to be without him. I miss him dearly. I’m going to change all my pets food now after seeing this. Thank you so much!!! Jacquie

  5. I stopped feeding dog food in 1997 but I was in the restaurant business.
    Read labels just as Dr. Joes just said and if anything contains "animal digest" don't buy it. There used to be a graphic description of it online but like many other things, the truth has been scrubbed.
    Thanks Dr. Jones & Tula!❤

  6. The commercial pet food industry developed out of creation of the industrial raising and slaughtering of animals for human consumption. Before that, dogs and cats were fed table scraps, if that. It is well known that pet food is the byproduct of the slaughtering process. What most people do NOT know is that what ends up in pet food are the animal parts that have NO OTHER COMMERICAL value. So, even those parts of animals that can be used to make GLUE or PLASTIC (eg. hides and hooves) are sold off. Essentially, what ends up in pet food is the shit scraped off the kill floor rendered into a mush and sold to the public. In the last 20 years or so pet food manufacturers are purchasing dead dogs and cats from kill shelters and county dog pounds and using them for pet food. This is evidenced by the discovery of the drugs used in the EUTHANIZING of animals being FOUND in pet food. So, it is any WONDER why this shit can make your pets sick? But, like most of you I'm NOT going to make food for ALL my cats. I would have NO time left for myself. I do the best I can and I'm sure you do as well.

  7. I used Pedigree for years and my dogs started having ailments that wouldn't go away no matter whatI did. I'm on a very tight budget but saw that Rachael Ray's food was in the same price range and literally in 3 days of acclimating my snow dogs to it the positive changes were evident. I use the canned food too. It's a start but the changes in the past few months are profound. Still researching better and affordable but this has been a game changer in their overall health and well-being.
    Thank You Doc for ALL that you do you are Cherished

  8. Our pittie mix girl 7 just had a needle aspiration which showed mast cells unfortunately. She’s on benedryl until she sees oncology. They gave her a shot 20 minutes before needle bx. It’s very small and in front of her leg. I am so happy we switched her to raw about 6 months ago and unlike most summers no ear infections, yeasty pink inner paws, and her coat not perfect. Also on oral allergy meds every summer. None needed. I have lost my last 3 dogs to cancer. Always fed taste of the wild or similar foods. I truly believe raw is the way to go if you can afford it or have the energy to make it.

  9. Yup with kibble even the “premium” ones are still processed. My 15 year old dog got ill from her premium dog food and so now, we’re back to making her food and she’s much better.

  10. Thank you Dr. Jones for this valuable information. I give my dog Instinct Dry Food( he eats that two to three times per month) , instinct wet food, Canidae wet food, and occasionally Hills Prescription Diet I/d Digestive Care Low Fat ( his vet recommended Hills; I’m a little skeptical about this brand. It has corn starch and sugar as some of the first ingredients). I cook him chicken and salmon, which I add to his meals. I’d like to know your opinion on these foods. Am I doing anything that’s harmful for my baby boy?

  11. About the only goddamn thing I learned from this video is that it's ULTRA PRO CESSED!! I mean really, make my dogs food at home, duh!! If I had the money to buy them what I eat, I would!! 😭😭 I feel like such shit when I feed one of my dogs and she smells the ultra shit I just put in her bowl, even though I mix it with any sort of real protein, boiled chicken, Ruff Greens topper, chicken broth with tumeric, sometimes I sprinkle some shredded cheese, she still doesn't want to eat it! It makes me so sad!

  12. Very helpful. Could you also talk about what to look for in canned dog foods. I have an old dog who struggles to chew kibble. I feed him canned dog food, an I usually mix in boiled eggs, fruit, cooked pasta or wheat bread to tempt his appetite.

  13. I didn't even think of pea protein being an ultra processed thing. I'm glad you brought that up because I'm sure that ingredient is in some of the higher quality brands that might be trying to get away with being sneaky.

  14. Ill take your free book but youve earned my trust and Im going to buy every print version you have available. You sir are doing the Lords work. The love the people have for you far outweighs the hate the establishment must have.

  15. First i had a dog that was fed pedigree his entire life and only once did he go the vet because he was sick, he got bitten between his toes by ants. He died at 16 years old and it was from a stroke. He looked completely healthy and he was not overweight. My dog Louisa started on Pedigree and then i chose to home cook her meals for her. I do not feed her raw beef or chicken if o wouldn't eat raw meat why shoild she. She is a gorgeous little dog and i spend more on her food and care than i do on me. She is worth everything i do for her to make sure is happy and healthy. 6:36

  16. This is an ultra important topic. Maybe moreso for cats than dogs. Do not feed your male cat dry kibble. It will cause their ureter to get blocked and then impossible to pee. It is an excruiating painful death unless you can get to a vet in time to have a catheter inserted. That will set you back about $3000. There is no good brand of dry kibble for cats. They will all lead to urinary blockage in males. Choose canned, raw, or freeze-dried food if you want to be a good pet parent.

  17. Along with crappy food, I believe all the jabs our dogs/cats get, are causing cancer too 😢 From now on our pets will only get the rabies shot once there old enough, maybe 6-12 months 🙏🏼 No more just like with our children ❤️ Thank you Dr Jones, hubby and I love your natural way! 😍

  18. This and the vaccine discussions are imperative at this time now that we know what has been going on in the pharmaceutical and food industries. Thank you doc!

  19. After my Rolo g0t pancreatitis , started making his food. Un4tunately….when I put him in "doggie hotels' and brought in his food…..I No they didn't feed him my food! Bcos I would pick him up…and he wood have blOod in his stool! I was so angry! "They" think they know better than me….his mom? Plus always had 2 git him vaxxed 4 "kennel" cough. Stopped using those places. Sadly, I still "vaxxed" him….B4 I knew. He passed in 2018. After the 'vet' I t00k him 2 could not figure out what was wrong…he needed more "testing"!(more $)! I looked online with his symptoms and figured it out…he was hemoraghing n-ternally! Found some Chinese herbs that could have stopped it , but he passed that night B4 I could get them
    Will never trust vets (0r doctors) agin!😢😢😢😢

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