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  1. I've cut legs off couch so they can get up these guys are my life Home cooked meals best alternative if you can do it cocunut oil great for skin irritating Activea best Probiotics

  2. Can we expect SOME repair to their joints by supplementing turmeric while giving them condroitan? This particular video emphasizes the point of looking forward for our pets ' general health.
    In my estimation, Dr,Jones, you are practicing in the tradition of James Herriot and the wonderful vet I worked for, Dr. Ralph Chambers. May you prosper for many more years.

  3. Thank you
    You not only helped me but my old dog whom I rescued she has hot spots
    Ear infections her lips and gums are bright red
    Odor problems
    And hit spots on top of her feet
    She keeps liking over and over
    Also she has a itchy problem just itches all over
    She had red rashes under her bottom and groin area
    I changed her diet , started probiotics , add coconut oil to dog food
    I’ll incorporate flax oil
    I used corn starch to help with the bad rash , that was very helpful took it away in a few days , by changing her diet , it seemed to help with the inflamation in her lips and gums they were bright red , now they are pink in color , she constantly shakes her head like she has something in her ears she is trying to get out , I used ear cleaning to help with odor and ear infection
    So it’s not as bad her ears were bright red and thick
    Not they are pink and looking not as thick
    But she still shakes her head a lot
    I’ve given her two bathed so far but it’s cold and I don’t want her catching a cold
    So no more bathes for a while
    Any suggestions on how to treat her odor from her body her toes smell like corn or dirty socks , also I’ve soaked her feet in vinigar and clipped her toenails

    She’s a very good dog but needs so much love n care
    Which is ok
    Can you help me with the body
    Oder and shaking the head
    I liked what you had to say thank you soooo much

  4. I also found that Standard Process has a great (100% organic) green product that helps to improve the immune system. My senior dog ( a retired hunting Lab that ran and jumped long and well all of her life) did well on this product and helped her in her senior years just the extra boost she needed. (i did not know about homecooked foods at this time.)

  5. Can you make a video on if there is any way to prevent arthritis and prevent cognitive decline? With diet and supplements. My elderly has dementia or some kind of brain damage. I spent thousands of dollars in tests and they can’t diagnose her it’s frustrating and heartbreaking

  6. this video was extremely helpful. I really liked the part about a senior dog's diet. Diet is super important and I actually have been giving my aging rescue dog, Bandit these balanced breed multivitamins and the best part is that they are made with all natural ingredients so it's a great remedy to help with joint pain, nutritional purposes, and anything else honestly. These things are like magic and work perfectly. If anyone wants something all natural like this without chemicals I highly recommend balanced breed products!

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