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  1. Flushing is bro science. Ive done multiple plant testings with multiple strains over years and never seen or tasted a difference in flushed vs. Non flushed except non flushed and fed till harvest are slightly denser and slightly bigger.

  2. Great video thanks bro I am new to indoor and learning. Have a small set up with 2white widow autos going and the oldest of them is about 2 wks into flower. The other should be about 3 weeks behind and should start flowering in about 1 wks to 10 days. My first indoor grow and am hoping for a descent harvest. Thanks for your expertise it is helping.

  3. *Always do magnetic seed exposure before and during germination. *Electroculture as well. If done correctly (both are extremely simple) any plant will be much more bountiful. MSE increases osmosis, nutrient intake, yield, overall quality. Electroculture blocks emf signals, which are constantly bombarding everything. Practically free, and it's all proven science. Also you can *structure the water you use, it's a polar molecule after all.. Lots of ppl on YT do it wrong. Theoria Apophasis has short how to videos of all 3.

  4. New Ohio grow laws: must be out of site by the public. Im in Ohio All I Need Is a Big pot✓ on wheeled base✓, and the soil from my Grandads Farm✓ the Ability to put it in windows for light,( )and Quality Seeds ( ) NO COST, No Overhead for lights, watering system or ventilation. Naturally Grown The Best They Can Be.

  5. Nice video. But, i disagree on the RH 30 percent is just too low. It will kill your Terps. Keeping rh between 45 and 55 is ideal. Been growing for a decade and a half, but I never had BR mold or any issues. I also have a dehumidifier that I run outside my tent and port the dry air through the bottom duct of my tent. Usually drops the rh by 10 percent.

  6. Hey Matt missed MM Again lol Just wanted to let ya know Medical is in the news again (Fox &Friends) 2 days in a row. Ya might wanna check it out. It's on edibles – kids = hospitalized WE HAVE TO ADDRESS THIS NOW. From Labeling (not to look like main stream candy), child proof containers (Ohio does Great on, (I can't get lids off!) and Illegal sales, Whether it's Medical Or Recreational in Your State.

  7. Bro the UVB leds are garbage not trying to put anything down or anything they just don’t produce what you actually need. I’ve been wanting to get a UVB bulb to add to the grow for a couple years now just haven’t ever pulled the trigger on it. There’s a place that has a nice UVB bulb and reflector but you need something that you would put in a lizard tank type bulb. I need to try out some new nutrients I think I could better results than I do now with bottles I’ve only ever gone the organic route. But the science is there on the UVB add more terpenes and tric’s to the plant. Before I do all that I need to actually get my grow tent together all I have right now is the tent lol. Just working off my two little areas. I always have a huge problem with RH and it’s actually not having enough rh I don’t know if it’s the actual cultivars but they always feel dry and rock hard when I grow from a certain company. Which I’ve been growing for a minute now and just switched it up to humbolt and in house loving humbolt so far amazing stuff. This plant and the equipment we use to grow has saved my life and a life of being on meds wouldn’t know what I’d do without it. Great video Matt. Much love to the community much love to all.

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