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  1. I like the V3 better. It comes with a healthstone for concentrates. When the stone gets dirty you can heat it with a torch until its red to clean it. Its made out of titanium. So no matter how many time you heat it. It wont oxidize. It works great for flower too. It also takes 1865 batteries. You can charge a few and vape all day if you put your batteries back on the charger when they run out of charge.

  2. I have this exact vape, bought it a back in April after spending about a month looking on /r/vaporents and watching Youtube videos. I was trying to find the best bang for your buck, without having to drop like $400 on a Mighty+. This thing is awesome! I can genuinely recommend this device. I previously only used combustion, and this has elevated my experience considerably. Very happy with it!

  3. Great review! Everything was very well explained. I can see you're finding your way around the various vapes very well. You're a quick learner. It's amazing the quality of vapor you can get with some of these newer small devices these days. On a side note, really looking forward to a fresh frozen hash video if you do one. Peace dudes!

  4. I have been trying to save up for one of these. Hard to do on a fixed income. I'm a medical user in FL and tired of combustion. Hope to one win one in a giveaway or a Mighty+ ahhh we can dream can't we…

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