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  1. I'm 34..when I was a child ALL the fruit was amazing. You didnt have to "pick the fruit out" you could literally grab anyone of the bunch of anything..apples..plums..watermelons..you name it and they were always so fresh so sweet..delicious. And now you can stand there for 10mins picking out fruit and still come up short. I hate that.

  2. Red delicious are garbage now and have been for a Looooooooooong time and when a person who is genetically modifying food declines to try and grapple thats all you need to know

  3. Crazy fact:

    Purple or blue food coloring will turn your poop bright green if you consume enough of it.
    Drink like 1 to gallons of koolaid in a day and look at your poop. Lol

  4. OK, give me the super crisp WA-38 apple. I hate mushy, soft apples. I want my apples as hard as a rock and to crunch like madness. Also, I think the line about "preserving the repellant effect for consumer enjoyment" is actually WAY funnier than they make it out to be in the video. It sounds to ME that Grapples boast as one of their features that benefit consumers that Grapples themselves will repel birds. Because consumers hate eating an apple and getting attacked by birds at the same time!

  5. Plant diversity is obviously death to commercial growers.

    I suspect that, down the road from here when cannabis is legalized across the country, the food people will sit down with the dope growers and show them the merits of producing artificially flavored products that sell because they smell "good". Then it won't be a concern promoting the quality of different strains but one devoted to a "one taste fits all" mentality.

    It's no surprise the people behind grapples don't want anyone investigating their product on any level or that they have a company like Walmart as a client. If you want to make money these days produce junk and get the major junk seller to carry it.

    Meanwhile truly outstanding off-the-tree varieties of heirloom fruits are disappearing because the market isn't established to sell it. A real pity and a shameful development. People will be learning to eat imperfect fruit and vegetables in the near future or go without.

    What with grape scented pesticide is it any wonder the bee populations are declining.

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