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  1. Its because California has a 15% curb, which is way too much. So long the rest of the crops at least 15% from what the test show is acceptable quality control. So your 35% bud could test really at 20%, but legally they can say 35. We all know whats also gets sent in to labs is the legit cream of the crop, so if ya didnt know beaware when buying California products as thats a standard we go buy here. Im honestly so over livin out here its such a horrid economy. Feel stuck, but hey we got good weed 🙄

  2. Lets be real guys. THC percentage doesnt natter as much as we all think it does. I know we've all had some great stuff testing at 19% and we've all been super disappointed with our oacks testing 31%. What matters is the quality of care out into the grow and we all know this. Id much rather a bag from a small distributor who doesnt have "top shelf" than buy a $60 8th and have it suck ass. Plus you can never trust the packaging. The percentage is the average from the yield. So one bag could be 40% and the other 21% and they come from the same plant. Not to mention THC degrades fast which is why you always buy as fresh as possible

  3. I've actually had that exact same Rainbow Belts from Jungle Boys. Literally shit weed. However the Orange Apricot and Oreoz was actually some nice top shelf for the exact same price as the Rainbow Belts đŸ‘đŸœ

  4. Percentage on bud is complete bs unless it’s like under 15%. As you can see percentages vary and on top of that, you can have 17% bud that gets u 5x higher than some shit quality 28% bud. All about the quality and the grower

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