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  1. Love your channel!
    Question,,,, we had a pup and vaccinated her. She almost died.
    So, we have additional puppies we added and were very hesitant to Vax. Our sweet puppies died. Possibly from parvo….we live on a homestead so this is a valued animal on our farm. We have a new puppy. We have restricted her movement and her previous parents started all first shots at 6 weeks. We want her fully vaccinated from parvo and distemper. You had a video about 2 parvo/distemper vaccine at 10 and 12 weeks.. would the 2 vaccines be sufficient given her early age at receiving her first?
    Please direct as we are super cautious about parvo/distemper

  2. I admit I have given my pup a tiny bit of uncured (pre soaked in water ) turkey bacon. Maybe about a half ounce and a couple of times a year. I hope it’s not too much for her. I’ll ask my vet the next time I see her if that’s too much. I would NEVER do anything to harm my pup.

  3. Dr Jones My dog has been drinking a lot water. We
    Took her to the pet hospital. They gave a blood test… Everything came in good…. So why is she drinking so much water? They did say that they heard in her lungs wheezing so they gave her antibiotics.

  4. Sadly I have a Feild Lab with such a strong prey drive. ThatvI am unable to walk him he is so strong if anything moves even a bird flying over he chases it forgetting I'm attached to him. At home and in our yard the best behaved calmest dog I've ever had unless someting sets up residence in our yard. Just a warning for people who may not be aware, there are 2 types of Labs most people don't know this. If you are considering sharing your home with one of these awesome dogs and don't want a big surprise Google the difference between an American Lab or an English Lab.

  5. My Great Pyrenees female stinks and has sores all over her body any help would be appreciated local vets really suck around here would love to hear what you have to say thank you very much and hello drom Kelowna BC Canada.

  6. Thanks. Doctor, i did had a dog but sadly got to sick and passed, i say never again i going to have a dog because the pain to see they sick and die is not easy .but i have 2 cat one is already 17 years and the othe is a teenager just 2years old .right now are both in bed with me.

  7. I took my last dog to an opening of a dog park as a guest because I live right nearby even though it wasn't going to join. He wasn't there 10 minutes and another dog knocked him over and after that he started limping on his front legs and never truly recovered. He had already been in physical therapy for back pain but his veterinarian thought it was okay to take him. Huge mistake! And that's why I ended up having to say goodbye to him eventually. Also I used to let my dogs run because we have a big field next door and a big open piece of property and occasionally they did run off but fortunately we don't have a lot of traffic. Today I probably wouldn't do that especially since I'm older and I would never be able to catch up with them.

  8. Great video…add to that..let ur dog hang out a car window..eye injuries can occur…plus most I see hanging out of car windows are not secured..like you said it just takes one quick distraction…and dogs do jump out of windows!

  9. I live in the country, the yard is very open. Never do I ever let my dog loose. Too many wolves, coyotes, not to mention hawks and eagles. My dog is just 5lb., the perfect hor d'oeuvre for a bird of prey.
    In the past I've had an eagle come down for my then dog(10lb)during the day, and an owl at night.
    Neighbors lost their shihtzu to a hawk, it took the dog by the jacket and carried it off.
    I've also heard stories that coyotes will grab dogs from the end of a leash (they have zero fear of humans) and I know of coyotes coming after a large dog, trying to take it down on the back step of the house.
    So it's a zoo out there. I have no shame in being my doggo's helicopter mom❤

  10. I want to thank you for all you do to help our pets. You literally saved my dog's life with your videos and natural remedies. Dr. Jones, have you addressed the dangers of these new "smart plugs" people are putting in their homes that's causing serious health problems for dogs especially? People everywhere need to know this. They emit a high pitched sound that hurts the pets' ears, is very painful, makes them very anxious and who knows what else they cause? A friend had this happen recently and it was so bad the dog refused to go inside the house ran away to keep from having to go inside.

  11. My dogs 🐕 eat bran flakes for breakfast or yogurt with probiotics spoon fed lol 😝 one is only 4lbs full grown – he likes what he likes. Salads with a little apple cider vinegar, lemon, mixed olive oil also a favourite – they like healthy green stuff.

  12. A lot of people let their dogs in their front yards unleashed, assuming they're not going to run after another dog walking down the street on a leash. We always walk our dogs/dog twice a day and I can't even count the number of altercations we've had. Now we take pepper spray, an umbrella, an air horn, and I bring a pocket of rocks. It's really stressful after awhile.

  13. I agree . Also, anyone, human or canine, gets a seat belt if they ride in our car. Scout wears a harness for rides in car & a tether is clipped to it. The other end is clicked into seat belt lock. This keeps her & us safe. If I have to brake suddenly, Scout isn't thrown between the seats, to the floor or worse.
    I used to take her for walks in a park but stopped. There are deer there.. she could get ticks. She could get fleas. Don't want either.
    She's had pancreatitis twice. I learned to feed her an extra lean diet.

  14. "all it takes is one distraction, even for the best trained dog!" People please listen to this doctor and many other professionals that are telling you to keep your dog on lead in public areas. It is for the safety of others' dogs and your own dog.

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