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  1. Can you help, please , my dog has a sebaceous cyst on his tail. (Been tested at the vets) took biopsy. Thing his i dont want him to going under anaesthetic because in August he went under anaesthetic for hip test and I asked why his under check his teeth. His always suffered with teeth problems, i brush them every day, they took 15 teeth out, two weeks to the day he went blind. Of too Optivets, he has SARDS, so that's why I'm reluctant to let him go under anaesthetic. Im in England and can get DMSO to strink it. Look forward to hearing from you. Doreen.
    Love you're channel you've help me with my dogs. 😊

  2. I have tried your tips for my dog. Everything you’ve said and recommended WORKED!! I was so pleased and so was the doggy! We had an ear infection, hot spots and yeast infection over the stomach area! It’s all calmed down and is so much better! Thank you from both of us! 🐶

  3. How about Vetrocyn? I've used it for my cat after injuries and healed him several times. Also for decades my mother and I have boiled water n add very little boric acid. Let cool and apply with cotton balls for kittens and Cat's eye infections and cleared them up.

  4. Our pup had symptoms of conjunctivitis..vet initially thought it was bacterial, so prescribed a round of antibiotics. Symptoms resolved within a day or so, continued the full course. Within a few days of stopping the meds, he was symptomatic again. We thought this was a very stubborn case and went ahead with a second round of antibiotics…long story short(er), we ended up at an ophthalmologist….upon closer inspection, turned out to be a single eyelash growing in the wrong direction. The Dr showed me how to remove it, should it happen again. The drops had “worked” while in use, because the moisture provided a buffer, I guess. So far, it hasn’t recurred. 3 yrs

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