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  1. #BIG BROTHA BERN bringin it yet again I never questioned it I'm just waiting for my torch to get lit aka when I get hit low key to step into the scene to Rip it on a track grabbing the mic like it's a Pre roll the type a shit thattl soothe ya soul or calm ya In the mitts a the storm

  2. I’ve been crossed by everyone from my mom to my little brother cousin and to many friends to list but I look back at those memories to help me always move forward and keep grinding. I’m manifesting money by the TON! thank you Uncle Berner for everything

  3. “I’m thumbing through another check, running up there’s nothing left, we don’t take no time to rest, we don’t get enough respect, your best friend will cut your neck, I expected nothing less, it’s cut throat.”

    The chorus is timeless. Berner’s hustle is never ending.

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