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    For real you gotta get your salad game up Berner seriously brother…. If you eat banging meat and salads all day you wont really feel like piling many junkfoods on top of it.. Like.. u aint gonna wanna eat twinkys after eating a bigass garlic butter lemon pepper chicken on top of a fancy salad…. The main thing is…. Anytime you got the erge to smash on junkfood… Just do it in the morning for breakfast while your cooking… That way you got the tank full of energy for the day… Instead of eating a bunch of sugary shit before bed and storing it straight as fat..Eating salad before bed feels way better on your stomach too… You wake up feeling hungry in a good way instead of starving or shitty feeling like when you eat a lot of pizza before bed and wake up straight starvin so bad you feel like shit……. I can literally gain and lose 30lb in the same month… Just by eating icecream and random shit before bed….. and quitting… I go from like… 170 to 200 back down to 170 easy..

    The main thing is… Just get full and get your energy off fat instead of carbs… Eating a bigass salad ofwhatever kind of lettuce or spring mix….. Red/yellow/orange peppers in there for crunch,vitamins. and presentation…… Throw in some spring onion/scallions… basically mini onions with green tubes like chives except bigger…… u can cut into long skinny strips and looks fancy…..throw in some Cilantro… which looks like parsley but taste like a amazing clean lemon ecsd flavor.. Cilantro looks good when you put it on anything…. Throw all the veggies on top of some Lemon Pepper Chicken and the shit looks crazy….. Throw the chicken on top of the cheese on top of the salad so it melts teh cheese and doesnt wilt the lettuce.

    Some avocado. ground hemp/chia/flaxseed for your fats (the main filler/calories/energy in the meal). You can heat up all the veggies in garlic+butter.. so you got some garlic butter peppers and onions to make the meat fire….
    You can basically eat that same shit all day every day and it never gets old… Its just a bunch of fresh crunchy vitamins that make meat taste better… and the salad is like water food…. The healthiest water you can.. Prefiltered by plants and turned into some vitamin water shit to chew on…

    All you do is change the meat….. Sardines,Herring, Lemon Pepper chicken…garlic butter shrimp…. garlic butter salmon….garlic butter catfish…. garlic butter troute.. tilapia..steak or whatever…. Garbonzo/Chickpeas…Blackbeans…redbeans….refried beans…… Like a taco salad…. or just whatever…. Meat/cheese/salad/veggie stirfry…. beans/cheese/salad/veggie stirfry..

    When you need carbs or you need to load up for the day… you can boil sweet potato or microwave it….. smash sweet potato in a bowl and stir it up…put enough ketchup in there to make it moist and easy to wolf down….. add cilantro and onions/peppers or whatever for crunch/vitamins…. brown sugar and butter is aight but….. Ketchup and cilantro taste crazy fresh and exotic in mashed sweet potato. Ketchup has sugar in it… and ketchup makes the lemony fresh cilantro flavor pop like crazy..

    Some lemon Pepper chicken with worchestershire sauce and red/yellow/orange peppers with cilantro sprinked and scallions sprinkled….. and a side bowl of sweet potato/ketchup/cilantro…. Would impress any chick or chef.. Its so good you feel high off food cause its such clean energy.


    *red/yellow/orange peppers
    *scallions (onion part, and green tube part)

    Just those 3 things alone is game over… put that shit on every meat, every salad, blend into mashed sweet potato+ketchup…… fire
    Garlic butter on everything too…. Easy…. just swap different meats you could eat that same shit all day every day and never get old at all…

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