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  1. crazy how in rest of world weed is funny video online meanwhile sweden its 6 months jail for smoking a j + crazy policing including constant frisking everywhere if you look like a “stoner”

  2. In life try stuff for yourself don't take a persons opinion everyone has different tastes this guy is your typical I can only buy weed in fancy bags 🤣biggest con ever he moves like a tourist

  3. To all mamedica patients I recently got my £85 strawberry banana strain along with my black cherry punch and I quote DO NOT GET STRAWBERRY BANANA strain! It’s fuckin nasty! As for the cherry punch it’s ok but not worth the £100 10g price tag!

  4. This guy pisses me off in his self indulgence of weed!

    Just enjoy what you have like..

    Can’t see the appeal of different grades of weed and he dresses it up like some big deal…

    Just smoke your bud like!

    Quit invading YouTube’s feed!

    So self absorbed it’s unreal!
    Every time I hear his voice it’s a “here we go again, whining about some product….

    It’s boring…
    Been done to death!

    The channel is dead!

    Weed is weed!

    Voice is annoying as shit as well!

    This guy is posting about nothing which is nothing worth posting about!

    All for the views and likes (revenue) essentially

    Not a clue!

    (In life that is)

  5. 100% rate this strain over Fiji sunset. They're both fairly similar in yaste imo. I have both and the fiji sunset is NOT worth the extra. The price difference as well kills the idea of the fiji on a repeat script for me

  6. Hello all, I'm not a fan of the diesel flavour as I seem to cough so much with it. So far I've had. Farm gas, Sourdough, powdered donut, god bud, lemon angel, highsilver and a few others but can't remember the name of them. Ptsd and chronic pain. What you guys suggest I try next? I prefer the higher thc as the lower ones don't seem to help as much. Tia

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