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  1. try maggies farm in canyon city CO ( nice weed but not perfect just the right amount of good and not to much trouble rolling with it or grinding or no smoking problems or not crazy expinsive like Example: $200 per gram. its like 35 per gram )

  2. Been a fan for quite a while and holy shit, John! You have lost so much weight. You look so healthy and so happy. I’m proud of you!! That takes strength. Yola, I’m sorry to hear about your back. I know you’ve been struggling with it for a while. I’ll keep you in my thoughts and prayers and hope it gets better for you!! Keep grinding man, getting Nick Miller is fuckin legendary brother🤯

  3. Hey man jus wanted to lyk I’ve been here scince day one broski I remember you were recording vids on your porch in Merced n now you ballin keep it up bro. I bought your edibles once they dropped and your carts I also got your Halloween mystery bag and for the first time I subscribed to the hella high club. Keep it up your goin big things!

  4. Thomas, I hear your pain. Go out and get a massage & stretch to clear your pain. Muscles tighten up when the body sense pain in a certain area (back), your vertebrae are pressing on your disc due to muscles shortening. A warm bath, a message, then a body stretch will loosen and open up spaces for you to move freely. This will become part of your daily routine. Try it.

  5. Dawg I love these watching these live videos when I miss em from earlier, more entertaining than these videos folks put out. Got to say, this free tangie cart even does the job man, starting to really mess with the hhc + thc a. The gummies are wild and the syrup, everything puts me on the best levels

  6. Been reading a lot about desktop ball vapes and then a vape called the terpcicle. I know you're reading comments for video ideas… I'd love to see you try out a vape. Not like a pen, I mean a dry herb vape, the desktop options are amazing and the terpcicle you torch a glass bowl til it vapes. From the video I saw it looked like a great amount of vapor.

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