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  1. If it gets you stoned it's done it's job. All this terp shit can be taken to far. As long as you ain't coughing ya guts up it's all good! He looks stoned to f@£k so it's deffo worked! 💯

  2. Hope this dude knows what he will be up against if he gets caught with the slightest bit of that stuff, been to thailand over a dozen times and the laws there do not tolerate this shit from tourists…..nothing like incriminating yourself with a post on youtube either… clearly this mans brain is fraggled

  3. If its under $5 a g then as long as its burning clean and not smoking harsh, id consider that a win. We cannot forget about our friends that potentially arent making as much as us and or doesnt have much to spend, especially when considering those currencies differences in market value.

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