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  1. The trouble is the market and the distinction between bud thats nice and bud thats not as medical grower's it should all be quality and the only difference should be in flavours and strength like tobaccos and all of it should be natural and flushed for good measure with that guarantee . Then it will all do the same job some quicker than others but some of the milder ones will still be better because of flavour . Obviously they have deals on and things like that but thats just because of shelf life and even then it still should be good weed. If thats not doing it for you buy a small block of hash stick it in a pipe and have a whitey for a fraction of the cost

  2. Every stupid middle man “plug” wants best product for lowest price and it’s simply impossible you can’t get a Bugatti for Toyota Camry price unless you’re getting tricked with mass produced PGR weight, or maybe the grow had mites and needed avid to kill them. Extremely high quality indoor competing in outdoor & greenhouse price shouldn’t exist and if it does there’s something seriously wrong with it you can’t see with your naked eyes, some horrible secrets behind the nugs

  3. Mate, it's obvious you're getting bribes to plug certain companies products, be honest/ I'm from England, and never heard of your companies you advertise, as weed dealers normally are quiet careful people, outside the law, in our town, the same people sell weed or hash, not in fancy bags, or 3,5 deals, normally from Holland, in weight, , bless anyone who promotes cannabis ❤❤l

  4. The only thing I can say is, if you have the option, don't buy weed in those bags. Will always be dried out and your paying for the fancy bag. The dispos in my area sell out the jar and boohoo no fancy bag but 8/10 times its nice fresh flower and comparatively cheaply priced 🎉 a zip of Pineapple Thai indo for 122$ usd or 97£ Really good out door for 60$ or 48£ for an ounce. Or you can get one of those packs from cookies for 97$ for an 1/8 😂😂😂

  5. I remember when the prices went up about 20 years ago. It was the younger greedy generations that turned it to 💩.
    Its turned into the emperors new clothes.
    I buy from grown ups who have ethics so paying old school prices.

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