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  1. And also you don’t know nothing about interstate trapping I got caught up my 11th time running back from Denver to Richmond on the East CoastI got caught with 5 pounds of weed 250 carts and 207 g of wax this was two years ago absolutely no love for Indiana that place took all my money and weed I worked so hard for and ruined my life for almost a year

  2. I love how much everyone hates u and u say we’re the dopest and try to give pizza away n the homeless ppl don’t want yo shit y’all are not no trap dabbers or whatever u tryna be y’all sum posers who get high off one dab outta the erig I could kill u with 1 of my rosin dabs from Portland stop cappin y’all lightweight ash

  3. BRO IM FUCKING DYING TEARS IN MY EYES CRYING AT THIS “Peaches n cream, the only way” then cuts to him in the mall. Great editing this was like watching a vice documentary but its just a vlog lmao

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