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  1. years ago, my cat was constantly squatting.Gave cranberry pill mixed with water for a week and never give the dry food without some liquid mixed in…like coconut milk or tea…etc

  2. My Manx is licking his tail area and then bites at it. When he does urine comes out like he’s spraying. I’d rather treat him naturally rather then medically.

  3. WOW Dr Jones this is so unprofessional of you. I've asked now 5 times how can I get your Ultimate canine formula. I told you what happens when I try on your(maybe) website. This is really causing concern.

  4. You sir have saved so many people paying for inflated meds from vets including myself, great Information and most of all it works without filling our pets with toxic garbage 👍👍

  5. I use d mannose for an adult family member. After a couple years I considered it for a cat I have. I started putting it in his fountain water that gets changed every 48 hrs or sooner. It seems to have solved his problem…so far… it’s been a few months now.

  6. If your cat H8S wet food and refuses to eat it like mine, put water bowls ALL OVER the house to costantly encourage them to drink. This has REALLY helped mine increase her water intake.

  7. methylene blue is an unknown cure for this, please look into …it also acts as an anti depressant….would only need a single drop of pharmaceutical grade

  8. I had a male and female cat (siblings, part of a litter of 5) and the two of them were constantly passing blood. The male sprayed so I had blood all over my walls. Finally, a tech recommended I add water to their food. They ate wet food anyway so I just added a couple of tablespoons of water at every meal and they seemed to like the soupy consistency. It cleared up the problem for both of them immediately and never had a recurrence in the 17 years they lived.

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