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  1. To clarify when I say black ash is "bad" I mean will not smoke as good as it's white ash counter part. I don't mean bad for you or anything. maybe i'll make a follow up haha

  2. Ash has little to do with the factors at play in a good smoke. All this talk about flushing making a white ash is bro science at best. I'm a 30 yr old farmer with years of experience in this field, growing organically without flushing and the ash is the last thing I look at while gauging potency.

    Personally I believe the color of ash whether it be white or black has to do with how it was dried and the remaining moisture content of the bud. With that being said, you can gauge the quality of dry well before its even lit.

  3. Black ash is simply showing that the bud contains a lot of chemicals that were not properly flushed from the plant before harvesting, this doesn't mean that the flower has no potency or taste altough the taste won't be as clean. On the otherhand white ash is a properly flushed plant but like Drew said, this won t determine if the flower is actually good but it's just a sign that it might be.

  4. Also your metaphor although works, isn’t accurate. It’s bro stoner science. If I was to smoke opium and see that it’s blacker than the ace of spades in the bowl that doesn’t mean the effects won’t work. Same with crack smoking, that doesn’t have ash at all, just vapour. Inhaling the vapour is where the chemicals are. Most smokeable drugs are ineffective until smoked. Nothing to do with ash. Yeah if something burns better or quicker you can get a better high but that’d be down to it’s dryness and thc percentage. not ash colour.

  5. Did you get new teeth darg?

    Also, do you ever cough up tar. I know you’re a long term smoker just wondered if you ever experienced. I’m at a point where I can’t smoke without coughing up big luggies of tar, but don’t wanna tell any professional in this overly conservative healthcare system cause they’ll just tell me to stop smoking without investigating. Dunno if it’s bad or not. Feels it. I can no longer breathe properly.

    Weeds defo bad, spread the word

  6. White ash just means all the nutrients in the medium were flushed out before harvest… doesn’t always mean it’s better, but a lot of quality bud will be flushed properly and give you white ash…

  7. If you smoke pure you know that nicely burning weed is white or whiteish ash black ash weed when smoke pure tastes like shit because it doesnt want to burn in the joint and this creates a shitty acrid taste of half burnt bud

  8. I garuntee you all of the people saying "this is a terrible analogy" smoke with baccy, or don't smoke joints. If you smoke pure, and your weed is burning black ash, then you'll know that it litterally won't smoke. You'll have to keep re lighting the joint every few tokes and its gonna taste terrible. As opposed to bud that smokes clean with pale/white ash, you'll only have to light it once and it will smoke all the way down with no problem assuming that the Zoot has been rolled and lit well.
    If you have black ash bud and you mix it with baccy, then the baccy is gonna carry the burn and it will smoke but It will probably still taste terrible. So it's not a bad analogy at all, which you'd know if you smoke bud without baccy

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