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  1. Daaaaaaymmmnn those prices are insane. I feel sorry for these people across the pond. I thinking those are eighth prices and was thinking it was kinda steep especially cuz its pounds not dollars BUT ITS 1 GRAM NOT 3.5

  2. Went for a holiday to amsterdam to smoke weed and relax, ended up loaded on smack instead after 2 days and spent the entire vacation just nodding in my hotel room.

  3. Was in reefer a couple of weeks ago, amazing time there, they forgot to charge me for a couple of drinks and when I went up to pay they said it was fine and not to worry about it, just for that alone I went back multiple times and tried to get through as many strains on the menu, they've really upped the game

  4. Its not a mist go to man i like you but its all overpriced and the only thing worth the money is the cali and i go to other shops for that

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